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by Broady

Thinking about treating myself to some THMs, just have a few queries as obviously there are a lot of options when comparing to your standard Shimanos etc.

1. Firstly BB, I have a standard BSA but have seen THM and Yuniper BBs, was wondering if either was a better option? The Yuniper is appealing as it seems to be available in grey which may match the rest of my pewter Chris King parts somewhat.

The actual chainset should be easy enough, 172.5 and 110 for 52/36 rings.

2. Regarding rings, Praxis seem to be the go-to choice but Extralite are an option, is the 60g saving worth pursuing or is the shifting noticeably worse (I run DA Di2 for reference). Any others to consider? I'm not fussed for Carbon ones.

3. Thirdly, any UK recommendations for where to buy from? With the £££ being pretty bad against the Euro and most online stores being in Germany it's something to consider.

4. Regarding tools, would I just need the BB tool?

by Weenie

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by alcatraz

You'd need a bsa30 bottom bracket I think.

Shifting quality with extralite rings can be pretty decent. Depends on how picky and lucky you are.

If you come from rock solid shifting that you can do under load and it never drops chains, yes you could be disappointed. If not then maybe it's worth a try. I don't mind trying it myself.

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by kode54

1. there has never been any issues with the THM BB. plus, easy to service and replace bearings. do not know about Yuniper.

2. i have Praxis rings on one bike and Extralite rings on one of my other bikes both with Di2. i personally like the Praxis rings although the Extralite ones look nice with the SE. the Praxis rings look nice with the M3 cranks. also, not sure what you weigh, but there's never any issues with wattage on the Praxis. pretty close on shifting (but +1 on Praxis side) so i think in your case, personal preference.

3. not sure about UK places to buy.

4. Abbey Bike Tools carries a THM BB tool with 3/8" socket drive. not listed on their website, but I think Fairwheel Bikes carries them.
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by Broady

Thanks, food for thought. I think I'd stick with Praxis from what I've read here and elsewhere, I'm 75kg and put out decent watts so any avoidance of potential chain skips is worth a few grams saved.

Looks like total cost (with Tibia stem) direct from THM is approx £1650, from Sigma in the UK would be more like £1800...

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by beanbiken

Some more food for thought. The general consensus is that the Praxis rings are damn close or as good as OEM rings for shifting. I brought the extralight’s in 50/34 for my extreme days. Anyway the will be fine for that as I will spend most time in the 34. A step in between is the TA Specalities rings. Weight is mid range between the two, have managed to get shifting to say 95% OEM so in general quite satisfied. Buy again, yep. Oh, set up is with DA 9150.


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by spdntrxi

I use the Praxis Buzz rings.. 50/34 but soon will go back to 52/36... they shift very well.

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by KCookie

I was definitely happy with the shifting when I was using Praxis rings with my THM crank, but I just didn't like the look of them and wanted something lighter, hence the Extralite I now use. Shifting is pretty good, good enough not for me to change back.

by Weenie

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