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Why advertise on Weight Weenies?
Unlike many other cycling related websites, most visitors come to this site with the actual intention to purchase something by looking at our listings or forums. The listings allow advertising exactly in the target group for the products of a manufacturer while our forums are the ideal place to advertise your shop or service to a broad audience.

Media data 24.01.2019 - 24.02.2019 (measured with Google Analytics)
  • 496,107 sessions
  • 242,633 users
  • 1,736,552 pageviews
  • Real traffic is increased by 20% as AdBlock users are not included in these measurements; Banners will not be blocked by AdBlock applications
  • Tapatalk traffic (negligibility; banners not shown in TT) in same time period: 69641 sessions/3142 users/231949 pageviews

United States
United Kingdom

How does it work and how much does it cost?
Instead of unforeseeable CPM rates, we offer our banner space at fair, fixed rates on a monthly basis.
Banner format is 234x60 pixels in either GIF, JPEG or Flash format with a maximum file size of 20 KB. The banner can of course be replaced by a different one at any time. The banner prices depend on the forum where they are displayed and the booking period:

Forum1 month duration (trial)3 months6 months1 year
Road → Wheels62.0058.0055.0052.00
Cyclocross / Touring25.0022.0019.0016.00
Cycle Chat59.0056.0049.0042.00
*all prices are monthly based

If users are logged in, they will only see these banners, not the Google ads.
Furthermore, if a topic was started in the Road forum (as an example), the road banners will be shown at this topic.

Please write a short mail to advertizing-ww@starbike.com
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