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Are you looking for the forums FAQs? Then please see here.

What does x component weigh?

If you haven't found the weight for a component in our database, we'd recommend you to post a request in our forum. There's a good chance that someone out there knows what you're looking for. Please do not contact us to ask how much x component weighs - if it's not in our database we don't know it either.

How can I submit weights?

On the top left of each listing you can find a "Submit a weight in this category" link. Please do not email us weights!

I've submitted a weight, why hasn't it appeared yet?

Every submission is thoroughly verified for plausibility, correctness and so on. We get vast amounts of submissions every day, that's why releasing might take some time.
By supplying all necessary details you can make sure that your submission is being released as fast as possible. If your submission hasn't appeared after a period of 14 days, it was most likely dropped.

Why was my submission dropped?

We drop submissions mainly for two reasons:

  1. necessary details are missing:
    Example: a frame weight is useless without the size (Always supply as much details as possible by following the instructions aligned right to the comment field on the submit page)
  2. doubts on accuracy:
    the supplied weight was obviously weighed by an improper scale or converted from lbs to g
    What scale should/shouldn't I use?

Other reasons are ambiguous model names or the use of other languages than English.

How do you verify submitted weights?

  • We try to determine if the real weight was weighed with an appropriate scale.
  • The year is being checked for plausibility.
  • If the manufacturer isn't already listed in our database, we search the web if they have a website. If they have one, we add the URL to our database.
  • If the manufacturer has a website, we visit it to verify a supplied claimed weight or -if it wasn't supplied- we look if we can find some there.
  • We look at the comment field to see if all necessary details were supplied.

If any of the above points are unclear or questions arise, we usually contact the submitter, which requires that an email address was given.

Where can I find the claimed weight?

Visit the website of the manufacturer.

If you're looking for the claimed weight of a past model the Internet Archive Wayback Machine is often the solution. It has archived the content of many websites back until 1996.

Another good source are printed manufacturer catalogues.

Note: weights listed in shops are not necessarily the official claimed weight by the manufacturer.

How can I determine the model year of my component?

Unfortunately only a few items have stamps showing the exact production date. If you couldn't find such an item on the part or it's packaging it's important to know when you bought the component.

We highly recommend to add this information to the comment field between September and February (where the majority of model changes takes place) or when you're unsure in general. As a rule of thumb you can say that items bought before the annual Eurobike/Interbike are from the last season while items bought afterwards tend to be from the upcoming season the more time has gone since these exhibitions.

How can I submit my bike?

Preliminary note: We already have many bikes yet to add, so don't be surprised if it takes some time to publish your bike.

If your bike is below the max. weight stated in the corresponding categories in our articles section, email us with a detailed list of all components your bike consists of and a picture (or more if you like) in good quality.

How can I place a banner ad on WW?

Contact us for details and rates.

How can I unveil my upcoming ultralight part on WW?

We're always interested in new and unpublished components. If you want to give WW a sneak preview, contact us.

Where can I buy tuning bolts?




What scale should/shouldn't I use?

Accurate scales are important for reliable weights.
You don't need to have a calibrated 0.001 g laboratary scale in order to weigh parts, but it wouldn't bother us. ;)
Our recommendations are as follows:
  1. Always weigh in grams:
    converting from lbs to g gives inaccurate results.

  2. Use scales with a matching resolution:

    0-50 g → 0.1 g resolution
    50-100 g → 0.5 g resolution
    100-300 g → 1 g accuracy
    300-750 g → 2 g accuracy
    750-1500 g → 5 g accuracy
    1500-3000 g → 10 g accuracy
    3000+ g → 20 g accuracy

    Weighing a frame with a ± 50 g resolution (+ possible inaccuracy) doesn't make much sense.
    Especially smaller parts (like headset spacers) should be weighed with a very accurate scale. (this is where the lab scale comes in)

  3. Weighing your bike

    It's highly recommended that you verify the complete bike on an accurate hanging scale.
    Don't just add up all the components you've weighed on your regular scale!

Why don't you have a category for complete bike weights?

The reason is that it's almost impossible to get comparable weights for the same bike. Let's do an overview about the possible variance in component weights:

  1. Tyres: ± 50 g variance per tyre for the same model are not uncommon - makes ± 100 g
  2. Tubes: same here - ± 25 g for a pair of OEM tubes are normal
  3. Fork: ± 50 g due to different oil levels
  4. Rims: ± 20 g
  5. Saddle: ± 30 g
  6. and so on...

300 g difference between complete bikes of the same model year and size are easily possible - if the manufacturer didn't change the specs of the weight: then you can additionally add the difference for a slightly reinforced frame or for changed specifications because the manufacturer ran out of stock on certain parts during the production. Then you can end up at ±500 g or even more. Not to mention that some bikes aren't anymore in their stock condition: parts were added or exchanged, the tyres are already worn out, ... That's why we haven't added such a category and most likely never will.

How can I help?

Beside submitting fresh weights you can support Weight Weenies by ordering something from our sponsor www.starbike.com, which pays the enormous traffic generated by Weight Weenies.
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