ENVE stem / seatpost logo removed - result!

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by Lig

Hi all,

MattyNor / Crimsonbadger - The stem and seatpost sanded - The LW logos on the wheels are just blacked out with a permanent marker, you can then easily rub this off with thinners if you need to go back to white. It would be easy to remove these just with some very fine sand paper or rubbing compound, but I am reluctant to do this as they are under warranty and although I have had great customer service in the past from LW, I am sure they could say removing the decals invalidates the warranty.....

Michel2 - I have had this set up for a couple of years now and like i say it works perfectly - I don't really understand what you mean as its the levers that are dictating the pull ratio isn't it (could be opening up a can of worms here)?? The mech just moves freely?

KB - 'Fabber' :lol:


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by Stolichnaya

First time I have seen a bike with an ENVE stem where I did not think "perfect, except for that bulky stem." stripping it of decals and slamming it on your build really suits.

by Weenie

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