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by coppercook62

6.39 kg
Not a true weight weenie build but I'm a Clyde. Probably going to put lighter brakes and boutique crank later. Fantastic bike, he was pleasure to deal with.

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by GonaSovereign

That is very nice. Yum. How was it working with Nick C?

by Weenie

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by KvnP

Needs better/bigger pictures !!
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by elviento

I have 4 observations/questions:

1. Very nice.

2. Consider getting a matt seatpost.

3. Since when is 6.39kg not a ww? I am still saving money for some carbon chain rings and the ww threshold has been raised (or lowered) again?

4. Very nice indeed.

Some more pics pls.
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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Hello there.

Very, very nice.

And ditto to elviento's comments/requests.
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by coppercook62

Will do. Thanks for replies

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by pierre-san

It looks the bomb! Enjoy! :thumbup:

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by Geoff

Ok, that's cool. +1 on the matte post. Maybe de-logo the stem, too.

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by nspace

lol @ not being a true ww build. Passes the test for me!
Looks awesome!

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by split

Very cool Crumpton. Maybe that seatpost is a Deda zero 100 alloy post. If it is, it is matte black, just another shade of gray.
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by konky

Superb. I bet it rides beautifully!

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by prendrefeu

Love everything except the Di2, but that's just a personal taste.
Happy riding!
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by hasbeen

Thats a beauty. Must ride amazingly well with that set-up. Do you have a ride review comparing to anything else you have ridden?
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 step racier than a hybrid bike

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by eippo1

Nice Crumpton. I love his and Appleman's bikes. Such good work. Can you post up any detail shots? Villagers demand more bike porn!

by Weenie

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by jmilliron

Fantastic. Love the 'paper mache' style on the cosmetic carbon layer.

This build demands a half dozen high res photos.
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