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by js

Hi Guys,

After a season riding an Ergonova Pro on my work bike, I just couldn't get over how much happier I was each time I came home and got to lay my hands back onto MY bike - as the bar just seemed like the perfect match. Because of this, I'm hoping to find a better matching bar for my work bike this season, but with the travel demands on the bike, it can't be carbon.

The bar in question is a Reynolds Ouzo Pro Anatomic bar, which has an 85mm reach & 145mm drop. The tops are egg shaped and the drops have a variable radius bend (even though the bar is named the anatomic version).

The requirements are:
- a flat transition to the hoods
- deep drop (more then 130mm)
- variable radius or round drop
- egg shaped or flattened tops
- tops that curve out of the way for sprinting/descending is a plus too
- alloy

Currently, it seems like the Edge bar is the closest match to my old Reynolds, and while it's carbon construciton keeps it off the list, I thought that might a nice reference for other WW's to compare against. Deda Newton Deep seems about right, but the tops are round. Zipp SC seems to have some nice matches, but they're compact drops.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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by TimmS

Maybe you should have a look at the Pro Vibe ... _road.html

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by etownfwd

The New Ultimate alloy bars might fit your needs. They have wing-shape tops, a really deep drop and what you might call a variable radius bend. I rode them for 3 seasons and really liked all the different options they provided for positioning. That said, they are not everyone's cup of tea.

Good luck with your search!


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