So... you want to be a Pro Cyclist?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by bricky21

horse wrote:
mrfish wrote:Isn't it pretty clear why they do this? It's just another test to weed out the weak so that the people they invest in stick the course and are successful.

Read any pro's bio - it's clear that becoming a top pro wasn't a bundle of laughs and took plenty of mental tenacity, e.g. Cavendish was told by the UK coaching team: "We decided we didn't want you on the team any more, go ride for this continental bunch in Germany you've never heard of and see how you get on. What, you don't speak German and don't like the food? Here's the ticket. Suck it up...". Imagine what would happen if your current employer did that to you? Brutal is how it is.

Again - if it wasn't helpful, then the coaches wouldn't do it. Their jobs are on the line each year and there is no place to hide if their riders don't perform so they need to try new things and keep re-inventing what they do to stay ahead of the Brits (or catch up depending on your PoV).

Who didn't know about T-Mobile? Squad included likes of Jan Ullrich.

Pretty sure mrfish was referring to the Spakasse team.

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by mrfish

Sparkasse - yes - they were so memorable their name slipped my mind when I wrote the post.

But a good team though. Their sprint star Gerald Ciolek at the time was a brighter star than Cavendish - he won the German road pro championships aged 18 and the world U23 champs, but they quickly found that Cav was quicker in flat finishes and to their credit they backed him, likely following some character-building wranglings.

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by me

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by Tinea Pedis

HurricaneShawn wrote:i don't really know what my exact racing schedule is for next year (which starts in january here, 4 weeks from now).

Really? I don't know what team's I'll certainly make, but that's not a stress but rather a move (and rightly so) by the team directors to ensure no riders get complacent. Still and all, I have the list of races I should be racing.

I'd be asking some questions if I were you...

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