Firefly FF50 Custom Ti

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by ross

Stunning 8)

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by Roobay

wow.. these are the guys from IF...right :roll:
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by Weenie

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by bespoke

Yes - ex Merlin, ex IF
Tyler, Jamie and Kevin to be precise
Top blokes, amazing frames
Happy days

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by Thenewguy11

Great looking frame. I like their website too - lots of unique builds.

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by Juanmoretime

:thumbup: A big thumbs up from the resident ti-guy. She's a lifer.

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by Ozrider

Cant wait to see pics of the completed build.

Think it's time to place an order. Ti with BB or PF 30 and tapered head tube.

Love the anodized finish.
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by Breomonkey

Met these guys up in Providence. Stupidly beautiful work on their bikes. I'd have them on my short list in a heartbeat if I were to get a custom frame.

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by Stuartclark1977

jaun - my wife didn't believe me when I said she was good for 20 years, I think she also misinterpreted the comment as it might be the last bike I buy for the next 20 years...

oz - I have the PF30 and am using a problem solvers adaptor for the DA crankset, I think this gives great flexibility for the future!
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by KB

Have seen their website and there's some droolsome stuff on there. this does it in the flesh. Great looking bike and looks cool with the D Ace crankset. Enjoy.

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by jmilliron

WOAH! :shock:

That's a fantastic looking built. Love the Di2 routing details.
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by BenW

ummmmmm yeah.

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by prendrefeu

Total weight?
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by koulis1984

Great bike want one asap :):)
Enjoy riding it

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by mpower

Wow these titanium frames with DA7900 is perfect :thumbup: .

by Weenie

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by commfire

I am lucky enough to live in Boston and have some quality bike builders within minutes of my house. Awesome shop. I will be building a similar frame in the spring.

Where is the battery placed? Seatpost?
Would love to know a finished weight

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