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by CC1236

I am looking at 2 different styles of carbon cages: IRB 16 g cage vs BTP 16 g cage. Has anyone tried either one? Do they both securely hold bottles? Thanks.

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by Superlite

Both suck! i had the BTP cages and after 1000 miles they both cracked! No for use with large bottles.

Same goes for the IRD 16g, can't use large bottles, and it a bottle launcher!

The best and the lightest are the Elite Pateo, 27g but very durable and holds bottle, thats what I now have, or the new Campy Record Cage, 18g, holds very well, but outragously priced at 115.

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by CC1236

I've heard someone liked the Arundel. Know anything about them?

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by mises

I've used both Arundel and Record carbon cages. Both hold very well, the Campy might hold the best with standard 20 or 28oz bottles but they don't do very well with the oversized 33oz Zefal Magnum bottles I like to use. The Arundels aren't as picky but they are double the weight of the Record - for half the price.

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by bobalou

I agree with superlite, at least on the IRD cage. I bought one recently and it can't handle the larger bottles .. but it does appear durable and would be surprised if it cracked. Mine's going on eBay eventually and I'll probably be buying a more practical cage soon.

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by Tsielio

I had BTP 16g also
the both broke; but I asked BTP to make a stronger version with a bit more carbon
now they are super good!

I know someone who uses btp 9g with tacx bottles (large and small) for mtb
he never lost one!!!!


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by spaniardclimber

I've been using 2 B-T-P 9g for about a year, always with 750ml bottles and never had a problem. The only problem arises if you have an energy drink in your bottle at it pours a bit, when the bottle gets sticky it's VERY hard to pull it out of the cage.

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by martin

I used the 16g "open" version. It sucked - after a while it didn't hold the bottles any more and as a result the nose that should keep the bottle from sliding through broke.
btp replaced them with the 4g aramid version at no additional cost :)
and i'm happy with them.

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by karlux

use Tune, it is cool!
I'm riding MTB on pretty extrem conditions and mine is standing after 4000km!
Light weight everything!

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by Frankie - B

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by jer

is the IRD a bad cage for small (20 oz) bottles too? I need some cages for a small, compact rad frame that can only fit small bottles and I can get the US stuff a lot cheaper than euro stuff and that is a factor too.

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by cadence90

I think the Arundel is really good, but here's another link which delved into this topic pretty extensively.
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by danielgillett

You may want to consider the "piraya" bottlecage by Gass-Project. In New Zealand, I have managed to source some direct without the decals that Gass put on them.

14 grams claimed - 13.8 actual(verified on digi-scale).


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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

I have Tune's. They are holding amaising well...I use Their 0.75l bottles.

They are light and cheap. Sometimes bottles may stuck lightly but use the Force ,Luke...

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