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by Colin

I have a set of Bontrager XXX (26in) wheels that came with my bike, they're OK wheels, but they require a rubber rim strip. I'm currently using the Stan's rubber strips, which IIRC weigh 65g a piece. Are there any lighter rims strips out there? I'd like to stay away from a "ghetto tubeless" setup, as this is my race bike, and after last season my number one priority is reliability and weight second.

Also, I am planning a race wheelset, but at the moment it's out of my budget.


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by FireSpitter

Not sure about race usage but I have been using this on my daily commuter for months now. No issues so far.
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by Weenie

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by 02GF74

velo plugs .... been thinking about doing something similar myself by thinning the sections of tape that is in between the spoke holes or fit short sections of tape over the spoke holes but them plugs seem a far more secure solution.

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by schmiken

Veloplugs won't allow the OP to go tubeless!
I think the DT/Eclipse rim strips are lighter, but not as reliable as the Stan's ones.


by Colin

Yeah, veloplugs won't work. :/

I'll look at the Dt Swiss rim strips.
Anyone know the real weight of the Bontrager strips? They're claimed at 35g for the rim strip and 8g for the valve. A bit lighter, plus the valve stems aren't connected to the rim strip! (I have issues with that on the Stans).

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by legsrburnin

Never tried it, but what about trying velo plugs, then Stans yellow tape over them? The sealant may seal any areas that need sealing.

As I said, never tried it, but might work.
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by schmiken

I have successfully managed to go tubeless with just 3 turns of this, but I didn't race on it and was too afraid to drop it down to the pressures I do race on! Cold be worth a try?
If not Chainreaction have Stans Olympic rims on close out.


by Colin

Thanks guys! I might just have to try out the "ghetto tubeless" method.

I really wish these wheels were lighter (and didn't require a rim strip!), they look so nice! :|

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by emike

"ghetto tubeless" setup

What is that?

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by c90sx

why not just go once over with stan's yellow tape you can get in in 21 and 25mm withes and run there valve stems, then it is light and it works. i have bin running there yellow tape on a lot of stuff and it works good on just about every thing. i just double it up on the road whls.


by Colin

The rims are too deep, it needs a thick rim strip to get a tight bead.

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by jooo

Foam weather stripping or something similar is generally lighter than a rim strip.

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by rgkicksbutt

Bontrager strips are 52 g + 9 g valve stem
DT Strips = 33 g (29er though) + 9 g valve stem + maybe 1 g double sided tape
The DT double sided tape is really thin and I didn't bother to weigh it as it has backing paper on it until it is on the rim.

I would stick with the Stan's strips, for reliability.

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by ratherbeintobago

emike wrote:
"ghetto tubeless" setup

What is that?

Tubeless using a split 20" inner tube (for normal wheels) or 26" tube (for 29ers). Instructions here.


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Gran Sport
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by Gran Sport

2.7g ball of Rox ultralights rim strip - 19.01.11 #6751 v2 by culturesponge
Rox worked okay on a Stans 29er Race wheelset - but the tapes glue has to settle & cure for a few hours - at least 12, or it can move about when inflating the tyre

11g 64x 8.5mm Veloplugs (to use instead of rim strips) - 12.01.10 #7270 v2 by culturesponge
not tried these as they did not fit Stan's rims as i was told

DT Swiss XR tubeless kit rim tape - 19.02.10 #8316 v2 by culturesponge
++ plus ++
10g DT Swiss XR tubeless kit double sided rim tape - 19.02.10 #8272 v2 by culturesponge
DT Eclipse system is okay but you need the double sided tape to keep the strip inplace & that can get soggy from the tubeless gloop and fail - Stan's Yellow tape is the least hassel imho

-5g 1 wheel from new roll of Stans yellow tape - 20.02.10 #8337 v2 by culturesponge


by Weenie

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