2010/11 Cervelo S1 (Updated)

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by yongkun

New Picture with stem cut and Garmin 500: (Race rig w/ T50)

Old Pictures: (Training Rig w/ F5)


3T Arx Team stem
3T Ergosum handlebar
Fulcrum 5 / Matrix T50
Ultegra 6700 Shifters, FD, RD
KCNC C7 brakes
Dura Ace 7900 crankset
San Marco Aspide Team saddle
Elite Custom Race Cage
Transfil Noxsnake Brake Cableset
Transfil Flyingsnake Gear Cableset
Look Keo Plus
Carbon 5mm Spacer
Carbon Pro Top Cap

Updated with:
Zipp SC SL "Traditional" Bars
HED Belgium C2 20/24, Aerolites, 7900 hubs.




Updated with:
Fizik Arione CX with Carbon Braided Rails
P2M Rotor 3D+ Cranks (Cheap ad good FSA rings, may upgrade if there is budget in future)
Lizardskin DSP Handlebar Tape
Yokozuna Cables

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by stubbsy

very nice,

do you notice a big change in the handling with the aero wheels,

a, looking into getting some for my S1.

how much does yours weigh in at

great looking bike :thumbup:

stubbsy :D
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2011 cervelo s1

by Weenie

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Nice looking ride. What's the weight?
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by yongkun

Will get the weight checked out soon when i visit my bikeshop.

50mm are quite predictable in terms of handling, so not a problem even with strong sidewinds.

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by prendrefeu

Looks slick. Normally I'd suggest removing the logos off of the deeper-profile wheels, but in this case they work well on the overall build.
Best of luck in your races. :thumbup:
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by kavitator

stickers on 50mm are cool! Leave them on...blink blink

Nice looking bike

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by shotgun

Matrix logos work real well with the S1 logo :thumbup:

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by wilson78

Looks fast!
To echo comments regarding the wheel logos i'd leave them on as the Cervelo graphics are bold enough to balance them.
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by yongkun

New wheels, i race on them too!
New handlebars, even though i miss the flat and wide top of the Ergonovas.

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by kikkie

Wow, talk about your ultimate crit rig, very well done!

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by Sam

The HED's are 24/28 spoke, not 20/24 right?

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by kgt

Don't like how the DA crankset looks on your frame.

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by yongkun

I will be swapping out the DA cranks for the P2M Rotor 3D+ cranks, on its way. \

Yes, its a 24/28, my bad.

As for weight, this is a porky bike and i am too ashamed to post it.


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by yongkun

Some makeover.

by Weenie

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