Look Keo Blade 12 Nm or 16Nm ?

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by mrowkoob

Happy with my 16´s I use black fixed cleats and like it nice and tight.
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by juzme

The LBS here in Malaysia are selling the 16Nm blades with discount. I suspect most buyers opt for the 12Nm version instead...
I bought an almost new pair for cheap as the seller found it too stiff after 1 ride..

I'm fairly lightweight at ~135lbs but so far had no issues with the higher tension just more effort to uncleat. Could be a problem with emergency stops but so far have not encountered that yet.

by Weenie

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by madmole

12 for me, never unclipped accidently in over a year and as an MTB rider I bunny hop and do silly things all the time. In fact the 12's are firmer than my Shimano XTR SPDs on the MTB at full tension and nobody says they are likely to go. Very positive engagement with a nice click and never once even come close to relasing accidently

If the 16's arent to high a tension I'd say go for whatever is cheaper. neither will release accidently and both work fine. In fact nect time I will go 16 not because of tension but that my bike is black with red trim and the yellow clashes 8-)

Oh and once you have your blades, pop onto ebay and get some titanium spindles, then you are lighter than speedplays for half the cost and a much nicer pedal that you can actually walk in and afford to replace cleats

Do get yourself some coffee covers as well, they slip into a pocket and make the cleats last a lot longer and much better on smooth floors
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by Geoff

I got a pair of 12Nm by accident. I am 61kg right now and need to get a pair of 16Nm blades to replace them. I run the black cleats and that makes a difference.

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by project3

According to look website, I remember one of their video mentioned depend on the riders weight.

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by Krackor

I haven't tried the 16Nm blades, but I have the 12Nm. They are more than adequate for my retention needs (I'm 170lbs). For reference, I switched to them after about 4 years on Speedplay Light Action and Bebop pedals, so my stabilizers are highly trained to put minimum torque on the pedals, and I'm very used to a low resistance release. I couldn't say how they feel for someone who is used to a tight, low-float pedal.

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by Steve_W

Had both, the 16 is my choice..... Accidentally unclipped out of the 12's on a couple of Occasions.

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by 5 8 5

Geoff wrote:I got a pair of 12Nm by accident. I am 61kg right now and need to get a pair of 16Nm blades to replace them. I run the black cleats and that makes a difference.

Geoff, why is that? The reason I ask is that I've recently converted to the black cleats and will be using blades next season.

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