BMC SLR 01 Team Machine - build list, and new pics...

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by MortenB

I just finished building this one a few days ago, and now it's raining, actually it POURING DOWN, here in little old Denmark, so I have not been out riding it yet. Weather forecast predicts some sun tomorrow morning, so I will be up early to take the Team Machine for a spin 8) The gruppo, wheels etc is all taken from my previous frame (Pro Machine)... Here are a few pics of the built, and the finished bike...

Frameset and some nice BMC kit...

All the parts ready for the built...

Working inside in the kitchen because of the rain. Almost done!


Can't wait to ride it (pics taken before the new parts arrived)...

NEW PICS with the new Tune bottle cages and ZIPP ti skewers. Before these upgrades my front skewer was also the speed sensor, now I have a separate one and decided to install it on the rear chain stay...





As seen here the bike has a minimal paint job as most of the frame is unidirectional carbon under clear.

One of the very cool things about this frameset is the TCC, or Tuned Compliance Concept. The idea is to give the frame maximum stiffness where it counts, but also build in maximum vertical compliance for comfort. This seems to be an impossible compromise, but the solution used here really works..! The visual part of the TCC is the areas with 1K weave carbon, but there is a lot more to it.

The TCC is in the seatpost, the fork and the seatstays...

Beefy front end, and TCC...

Thin and low seatstays, as part of the TCC..

SWISS design...

ZIPP ti skewers...

TUNE universal cages...
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by Rumsas

Can i say, very nice machine. Good color coordination. :beerchug:

by Weenie

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by fa63

That is one good looking bike. Let us know how it rides.

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by astardotcom

The red looks great here. Love it. Enjoy it!

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by kgt

Best BMC ever!

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by devinci

I hate BMCs

But this one is SICK. Super nice color coordination, not too flashy, very nice bike. The only thing missing is a classic bent drop bars

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by biky

Perfectly balanced bike!!

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Epic 2009

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Kinda makes my preferred white on black bikes look a bit old fashioned.

Your red on black is elegantly low-key. Awesome new BMC!

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by Domo

This is the best looking bike i've ever seen, i love BMC's :beerchug:

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by dgasmd


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by limba

Too much color coordination for me but I love that frame/fork. Give us a review of the bike and even the Hincapie clothes after a few rides.

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by 743power

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by SteadyState

Great job on that build man. I'm not a fan of how those BMC's look but with the color matching you've done on this it looks very sharp. Have you tossed the idea of going black tape white hoods?

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by geraintnorman

Lovely looking bike!

Yes black tape white hoods would look good.

Also replace the pads with grey lightweights.

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by klingej

That looks amazing (or "hold kæft, hvor er den fed!" in Danish) - can't wait for the ride report!

by Weenie

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