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by euan

Just when you thought Blythe couldn't get more baller, he got his car vinyl wrapped to match

by Weenie

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by fa63

Those Lotto jerseys are pretty awful but at least they will be easier to spot in the peloton now.

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by lippythelion

I like the Lotto jersey, but the shorts don't really go with it.

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by Geoff

+1. They should've gone whole-hog with back shorts with white lettering. Great jersey, though.

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by KWalker

For some reason I feel that the white name panel should extend to the back as well?
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by hasbeen

Looks like they forgot the back panels and didnt have time to get new bibs made. A bit of change to the bibs and some paneling to the back (sideways on each side of the spine or regular to match the front) seems like a good idea.
In a way I am surprised they went retro at all and also surprised no one did it before now.
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

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by nathanong87

DartanianX wrote:Anyway... Moving on. New shoes for Adam Blythe.


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all the stuff blythe is doing is like IDGAF. I'm into that.

his shoes are kinda wild

i think GB peeps have the in with nike. All those pursuit ladies, cavendish at one point, blythe, and fenn all have sweet shoes. I think i saw a pair of poggios on ebay in my size like last year for like 600$. Should have cawed

also into that lotto kit. Looks nice. good vibes so far

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by Rob81

Blythe the wannabe Cipo? :)

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by KB

btompkins0112 wrote:BTW, those shoes are FINE and I would buy them in a second.

Agree. I think they're cool and I'm not a kid, I'm 61. Also have a pair of Nike Poggios. Didn't realise they were so prized.

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by stella-azzurra

Nike Poggio at best 60$.
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by DartanianX

How this dribble makes news headlines is beyond me. No hit at the team, good by them having a laugh.

http://m.cyclingnews.com/news/aussie-co ... h-for-2014

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by ave

It's the off season, not much news... Or they thought it is serious.

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by KWalker

To me it came across as a bit tasteless and slightly offensive. Because, you know, all Spaniards live off of tapas.
Don't take me too seriously. The only person that doesn't hate Froome.
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by aerozy

"no salary" and offer to sleep on a "inflatable mattress"!??? :oops:

What a joke! Who does this guy think he is? Even Im offended... I can imagine how Sanchez felt about it. So now its good to make fun of a fellow colleague who's out of a job? The typical aussie bully type "just having a laugh" mentality
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by petepeterson

It reads like an April fools joke or something? If it's real then yeah, embarrassing and incredibly condescending producing yet another fine example of how 'pro' cycling isn't really pro in most respects. Can you imagine this happening in another sport. And cyclingsnooze is part of the problem if they are just going to print this shit as if it's credible with the headline "Aussie continental team offers Sánchez berth for 2014". That's why I'm spending much more time on sites like cyclingtips, inrng, etc. There's actually some thought that goes into journalism and writing.

by Weenie

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