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by Kjetil

Nice shoes, Sir!

by Weenie

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by Tapeworm

DartanianX wrote:Sky are going to be looking good in the TTT at the Giro on these!

One could almost be mistaken for thinking that those blue bits were some sort of... fairing. Shhhh, don't tell the UCI.
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by Liggero

Kjetil wrote:Nice shoes, Sir!

Indeed... Looking forward to see the pink version. Finally Pinarello got a decent time trial rig, nice!!!
Happy Trails !!!

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by aerozy

^Agreed! Those blue (or golden on the 2nd picture) bits do not look structural to me (=fairing) but they will probably get away with it if they made the brake cover integrally part of the carbon frame structure. Which beckons the question... How on earth do you access the brakes!??? Have to say I do like the looks of it! Very cool indeed! 100% bling factor ;) :beerchug:
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by Wadl

Someone knows what kind of saddle it is on the new Bolide ?

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by twigstim

The way the brake covers are painted on that Pinarello make it easy to interpret them as fairings. Anyway, the bike looks sick....and expensive.

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by ave

It is a fairing.

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by CarlosFerreiro

Brake fairings are UCI OK, as long as the assembled sections fall inside the envelopes allowed for the frame/forks.

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by CeCa

estimated bike weight ? :D

Alexandra Engen bike.

Much lighter than others Pros ? :D

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by Liggero

Wouter Dewilde dies in a sprint in a belgium race. Rest in peace...
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by euan

The new Pina is UCI approved in only in the 550 size. So I would expect to see Wiggins only on it

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by Willier

550 and smaller or only 550?

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by euan

550 only

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by Epic-o

CeCa wrote:Alexandra Engen bike.

Much lighter than others Pros ? :D

I think that Spitz's 7.2kg Olympic Ghost is still lighter

by Weenie

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by KWalker

I really don't see how Hesjedal has a chance of winning this one. I liked last year's Giro, but feel that was a one off performance never to be repeated- like Cadel's Tour win.
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