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by Hibbs

Dear Mods,

Why was my thread about 80's steel frames locked? Apparently because it was not in the spirit of weight weenies? I posted it in the cycle chat forum, not the road forum. Road forum rules state:

-Why is your topic missing, where has it gone to?-

If you posted a topic that the moderators feel is not in the spirit of Weight Weenies it will be moved to the Cycle chat forum. We will move it without leaving a notification from the Road forum to the Cycle chat forum.
Please take a look over there if your post is missing.


the moderator team.

So if something is posted in Road that "is not in the spirit of weight weenies", then it gets moved to Cycle Chat, where it will then be deleted as "it is not in the spirit of weight weenies"? How was my thread any less about weight weenieism than say, bike sizing, chain tools, chain whips or racing threads?

And where in the rules of this forum does it talk about that anyway?
This forum is your casual lounge for all cycling related issues. And because it is a part of the WW forum all of the rules and regulations apply in here as well.

the following things are added though:

Because we are all grown ups we don't need to talk about podium girls in every way you can think off.

[edit, we don't really need threads about doping.]

Is it not a cycling related issue?

Ridiculous. :roll:

by Weenie

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by Redddraggon

It's not a democracy :wink:

The moderator team reserve the right to edit or remove any post at any time. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in these points is up to Team Members and not users.

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by sluggo

I must say I completely agree. This post was in cycle chat (not 'Road') about a bike related issue. It makes complete sense to me to be allowed to tap in to the clear wealth of knowledge from fellow weenies on bike related issues outside of weight weenieism in the Chat forum.

Not in the spirit? Madness.

Completely unnessessary militant moderating I feel. Shame.


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by record

This is getting ridiculous, another thread was locked - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=71725

So, what topics about creaking bikes, aero stuff, bike sizes etc. are doing here? And I believe that topic about retro steel frames is more WWish than 50% of other topics here.
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by hockinsk

Just add the word 'lightweight' in your title and it can't get locked - simples : )

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by kgt

Lately there is a TMTA syndrome (too many threads anxiety syndrome) in this forum.

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by geraldatwork

It is not uncommon for people who serve as moderators on forums to have control issues. Seen it on all types of forums. From political, health, photography to bike.
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by Briscoelab

Yea, I have NO idea what the problem with asking how a 21mm vs a 23mm tire performs is? I think it would be fine in the road forum. How is that not in the spirit of weight weenies... but tons of this other gabbing is??????

I had a on old thread that I started over a year ago get moved from Road to chat after someone posted a new response in it.... goofy.

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by deepsky

I've given up trying to tap the wealth of knowledge in some of the people here, because if I create a new thread and it ain't about a subject off the pre-approved list I get: thread locked OR sneered at and told to go visit bikeradar OR told to leave if I speak up against the sneering OR something else in similar vein. For whatever reason, the moderators of the forum actively discourage the growth of this forum and chase away new members by being as repressive as they are, and while it is their right, I would not be surprised if a lot of people go elsewhere for actual help or to discuss cycling related things other than very few pre-approved subjects. I just read a few threads now, look at the for sale forum, and then go elsewhere to actually talk about bikes or get help.

I don't understand why they haven't made this forum private via paid access by now. The "management" only seems to want the same few posters posting about the same subjects. :noidea:

I also would not be surprised if this isn't locked or outright deleted soon, either.

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by mr_tim

^^ sounds like you could start your own thread about bad experiences on ww.

What all this negativity forgets is that if you have a question or query that needs a technical & detailed / backed up answer, this is the place to look. Most other places, the answers are vague & unreliable. WW fills the void that awful LBS's have created.

Maybe if the mods could just clearly state why posts are locked down, we'd all see things a bit more clearly..

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by deepsky

I could, but then it would get locked. :roll:

I don't look here for technical help, anymore. I had hoped that this could be my online one stop shop that covers what my LBS doesn't, but unfortunately the culture precludes that, at least for me. I've found an active forum where I get the help I need, whether its a quick question, or something that needs a technical explanation to answer the question adequately. Like I said, I generally hit up specific spots on this forum to see if there is anything interesting, but asking for help, nope, not gonna happen here anymore. I've reached my limit with being sneered at, "go read bikeradar", "use the search" which is quite frankly useless unless you know a very specific phrase to look for, and another abrasive and unhelpful responses. I am sure that the management could not care less whether I am disappointed at how they treat people, but there you have it, it's how I feel.

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by coloclimber

WW has a particularly unique focus and weight conscious technology emphasis. That is what makes this a great forum.

Dilution of the content and knowledge base serves no one. Making Cycle Chat a trash bin of topics also serves no one.

While the definition of "Spirit of WWs" could be considered by some to be amorphous, I think most people here have a concept of what it means and whether their post fits within that broad genre when they click the "submit" button. If not, it make more work for the Mods.

Discretion on where to post also comes into play-
serotta if your asking about Hampsten's vintage steel, cyclingforums if you want to know the best bike for under $1500, velocipedesalon if you want to take a toke with the kewl kats, roadbikereivew if you want compartmentalizes general answers- etc...but once you've decided to post on WWs - its not unreasonable to ask that the topic pertain to the "spirit of WWs"
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by Sleg8

Briscoelab wrote:Yea, I have NO idea what the problem with asking how a 21mm vs a 23mm tire performs is? I think it would be fine in the road forum. How is that not in the spirit of weight weenies... but tons of this other gabbing is??????

"All I ask is the heavens above and the road below"

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by strobbekoen

Interesting points being made here.

I hope I don't step on anyone toes here as that's not my intention, but if I am totally honest I was also surprised why the threads mentioned above were locked while at the same there are quite a few less informative and/or more irrelevant threads on this board.

I agree with coloclimber that things have to be kept under control in order to keep the quality of the info.
The problem is being consistent. It's very difficult to do because of time issues, unless you get 20 mods or so!

Sometimes it does seem a bit arbitrary.

by Weenie

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