Kuota KOM - done

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by cervik

levers+shifting wires 320
seatpostt 192
seat 156
wheels 1390
tubulars 470
braking wires 35
chain 250
BB blackbox ceramic 115
Cranks sram red 645
cages 70
negative G + corima pads 207
frame total 1000
fork + headeset 434
Skewers KCNC 45
pedals 181
stem + bar 352
FD 145
RD 86
Nokons 120
cassette 180
delta (difference between weights sum and complete build) 51
Total 6444 +- 15g


by Weenie

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by KB

Nicely put together, looks good.

Only change I would make is the decals on the wheels.

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by IAmtnbikr

Nice bike but agree on the wheel decal removal. Looks like a rolling billboard. ;)

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by Gregorio

Looks great. What size is the frame?

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by cervik

Gregorio wrote:Looks great. What size is the frame?

Frame is M i.e. tt. 540, ht. 145

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KOM's are stiff enough you don't need Tufos. Get rid of those tires and you'll be set.

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by jhamlin38

very nice build. how the ride?

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by 109er

love it...wouldnt change a thing.....first thing i thought when i saw this...'whooooaa'.....love the wheels...and yes, change the tires....
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by Rich_W

Classy with a 10 out of 10 "Pro-Bro" rating...

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by currieinahurry

i agree with rich great race day bike. just cant ride slow on a rig like that!! o wait you have tufos maybe you will be. CHANGE THEM!

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by Chaingang

Very nice bike cervik :thumbup: I love the stickers on the wheels. Looking cool. The only (small) thing that I would change is the cable off the rear derailleur. Looks a bit long. :? For the rest, top bike :exactly:
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Chip 'oyler
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by Chip 'oyler

Never mind the pro looking bike :thumbup:

What about that beautiful parque floor! :)

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by cervik

Juanmoretime wrote:Definite a race bred beast. Looks great too! I agree Easton could tone down their graphics a bit.

Tufos - I will probably swap Tufo with a new wheels. Will sold Eastons, buy CCUs and mount Veloflex carbons.

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by a67b

Very nice..
The next month i will built the my KUOTA KOM white..

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by Rumsas

really fu...... great looking, looks all pro.

by Weenie

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