My Bianchi. Not very weenie though (>_>)... + my LOOK

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by TheBugMan

... But the lightest bike I have and fun as heck to ride (^_^)*


My beloved Bianchi of 12 yrs, of which I sweat and bled with over hundreds of thousands of miles, was stolen several yrs ago along with my heart. After a year of mourning I decided to find another lover to share my sweaty butt crack, so began my search. I sat on everything (that I could afford) but the Italian girl was once again the best fit.

Took me 8 months the build, I think she's beautiful.


-Bianchi 928 Lugged 55cm
-Sram RED Groupset
-Reynolds Stratus DV46C
-Easton EC90 SLX3 (May ditch for an aluminum deep drop cause the Easton is flexy) (Now Deda Elementi Deep Drop)
-Campagnolo Record Carbon seat post (Now 3T DORIC TEAM)
-Selle San Marco Aspide Ti Rails (Now Black & Red Arione Wing Flex)
-Zipp bottle cages (Now Arundel)-->(Now Cinelli Ram)
-Crap LOOK HSC stem (waiting for something longer and more aggressive angle) (Now 3T Arx-Team 140mm -17°)
-DA 7810 pedals
-Salsa Flipoffs stainless steel (Now KCNC skewers)
-CatEye Strada Wireless
-Parlee Front Derailleur Clamp
-Woodman Death Grip SL Ti Seatpost Clamp

Weight 16.22 lbs Now 15.5 lbs

This photo was taken after her maiden ride. My gripes so far from 2hrs of riding are...
-Cranks/BB seems flexier than Dura Ace ones. Rode this frame with DA 7800 and there was no chain rub on front derailleur .
-Easton bars are flexy as hell.
-front derailleur trim was difficult to get right (4 my dumb ass).

I love the...
-Break levers, breaks, rear derailleur

Suggestions and shit talking welcome (^_^)
BTW, Thanks everyone for giving me inspiration with all the great bikes in this forum. And thanks to all who responded to my PMs.

EDIT UPDATE 05-13-08

These were taken tonight after tennis.




I finally got the 3T stem and cut the steer tube. Front end stiffness has increased, feels like night and day compared to the LOOK stem. I still find myself way too high and may go with Deda Pista or a deeper bar. 13 yrs of riding custom stems, it's hard to get comfortable on common angles and lengths.
Any suggestions on lightening this ride up? I think a newer seat post is the next upgrade. I’m afraid to turn this bike into more of a frankenbike though.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the bike porn (^_^)

PS: If anyones in the U-District and wanna play tennis give me a PM.

EDIT UPDATE 07-30-08

Image ... CN2075.jpg

Image ... CN2077.jpg

I had to go back to the old Belgian style bars, 20+ yrs riding them, I couldn't ride anatomic.
I might move the saddles nose down about 2mm and raise the seat post a few more mm. With my slight lordotic curve that nose can smash my prostate and I don't feel 100% in my power zone.

Any tips on losing more weight without sacrificing durability?

Added 01/08/09

I purchased this LOOK about 13-14yrs ago. We shared many yrs of blood, sweat, tears of pain and joy together. But she is now retired to light winter use.

If any of you old timers can figure out her designation (KG585,586,171,blah,blah...), I will give you a juicy virtual kiss as a prize.

Don't get too close to the cage...


Added 01/27/09

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by Theros

Yodaaaaaaaaaa :D

"A nice bike you have got"

But a really great build man, I personally would remove the logo's on the stem, but who am I.

by Weenie

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frederic david
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by frederic david

Got same idea as on my bike here:
Sram needs to get some black chainrings for the black beauties on this planet :wink:

But great result !
Harder, better, faster, stronger, LIGHTER !

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by cerro

Really nice looking bike. But doesn't Record seatpost have an Carbon fibre clamp?

A Record crank, Deda Newton handlebar and Zero stem maybe? Italian is nice.

What size is it? And total weight?

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legs 11
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by legs 11

Bugman, Its totally unfair, you have the force and Yoda on your side.
Nice bike mate, I had one for a while too.
I'm still looking for them navy seals dude! :D
Pedalling Law Student.

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by Ant

Looking good mate.

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by currieinahurry

dude thats awesome love it! maybe its the chainrings that are flexy and the red cranks look far far better with some other rings on anyway

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by XL_Carbon

First let me say that you did a great job with your build. Congrat!

Secondly, my first love will always be my XL Carbon which your frame is based on but lighter and more sexy. Although I prefer a matt finish over a glossy but nonetheless, glossy is sexy.

Next, yeah, replace the stem...get a 3T. -17 will give a very aggressive look to your hottie.

Your 928 looks like a 53 06 model, right?

Finally, you're really a bug freak! (hehehe, JK) Any guy who loves celeste on his steed is all right in my book. Ride on bro!


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by TheBugMan

Thanks for all the positive replies (^_^)

@ cerro
The clamp was on the frame, just slid the Record post in the hole.
I had 8 speed Record on the old Bianchi but wanted to try something diff. I could be just as happy with New Record though.
I think after a month or so I will put the Deda Newton 31.7 42cm DD Round Deep Drop bar on there but the only stem that is aggressive enough from Deda is the Pista (which may go on there).

@ currieinahurry
I never thought of that... hmmm Do you have a suggestion (brand)? Because I HATE flex, unless it's the seat under my prostate.

@ XL_Carbon
Yeah, I really wanted matte finish. I actually ordered the Arx Team steam with -17, but Paola at 3T keeps telling me "they will be available next month". I'm about to drop that for the Deda Pista or Thomson X2 -17.
It's a 55' 06 model.
They don't call me Bug Man for nothin'

I'll try and weight her soon.

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by KB

Please take another pic, sans the two ugly mugs in the shot and without the bag under the saddle. :)

Then we can appreciate it in all its glory.

Nice looking bike BTW.

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by os72

Nice bike! A friend of mine just got the same bike but eqiupped with Campy.

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by micky

Finally we can see TheBugMan's bike! :D

Nice choice of components!

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by Kermithimself

Amazing bicycle. Just absolutely love the Bianchi, now I want one.
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by Roobay

Super looking and nice list of componants....
i like people... i just can't stand assholes

by Weenie

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by dolophonic

very nice .......!

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