Parlee Z3SL

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by frikinspit

tochnics wrote:i cant see any of the pictures, repost please

Reposted. The bike has been changed quite a bit since I took these pictures. I added Super Record as well as Reynolds Stratus DV46T UL wheels and a few other upgrades. I will post new pictures when I get a chance.

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by Weenie

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by eigner

:shock: How come I have never seen this Parlee before! Damn, its great!
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by StefanR

RTW wrote:
jipperd wrote:But in the end, it's not my bike and it doesn't matter what I think of the bike. enjoy the ride and many same km's. :roll:

Precisely. Why ruin his day writing this? A fine welcome to WW. Be ashamed of yourself and your manners Jipperd.

why is there (many times) this crying when somebody says what he thinks? are we 10 years old boys who cry when our friends dont love our new toy? I hope not. jipperd explained what he sees, nobody has to agree, nor the bike owner has to change his taste or bike. everything has to be "awesome"? have a nice weekend.
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by worstshotever

Well, in fairness, they'd be 12 years old now. :lol:

This is an amazing Parlee build, that is actually raced, to boot. Unique = extra points. The carbon chainring fairing is an interesting touch. Looking forward to seeing the revised version when you post it up.

(What's happened to Bugman, by the way? He always made me laugh.)

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