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by madcow

A project that I'm working on for myself got us to talking about the industry and how it's gotten to where it is. As a tribute to the WW way of life we thought we'd try and put together a small museum collection of the last 20 or so years. We want this to focus on the small companies that have pushed innovation, weight, design, materials and just out of the box thinking. We are not considering frames for the first collection.

Being that I consider WW to be the best collection of modern cycling knowledge on the web, what better place to turn for help with this project.

I sincerely hope everyone will take the time to help out with this project as it's something that we think will be appreciated by all in the end.

What we are asking for is simple, information and museum items.

I'm going to break this post into 4 parts. Hopefully members can help with all parts.

Part 1, facts I'm reasonably sure are correct.
Part 2, facts that may or may not be correct
Part 3, questions
Part 4, list of what we are looking for, hopefully members have some of this.

Part 1, please add your thoughts if you think this is wrong, but everything I have says it's correct:

Dia Compe made the first threadless headset
Control tech made the first threadless stem
Rock shox was the first threadless fork(I'm unsure what the first road fork was)
Chris King made the first cartridge bearing headset (1976)

Part 2, My memory is not great and it's likely that I'm remembering these wrong, please add your thoughts.
Zipp made the first carbon crank
Bullseye made the first 2 piece crank
SSI Evolution was the first full carbon saddle
Ringle Zooka was the first stem with a removeable faceplate.
Buffalo composites was the first carbon seatpost
SSM concor light KA(for Bontrager) was the first carbon railed saddle
Pulstar first straight pull aftermarket hubs

Part 3, anyone got answers for these
1st ti bb
1st carbon fork
1st carbon steerer
1st carbon bar
1st carbon stem
1st ti stem
1st ti post
1st carbon bottle cage
1st 31.8 bar and stem(I can't believe that I can't remember this)
1st 1.25" stem/fork/headset

Part 4. This is a preliminary list of things we'd like to have. If you have any of this and want to sell, trade, donate or just lend it to the collection please drop me a PM or email. Also please list anything that you think should be added to the list.

Aeon ti fork
Aerosport carbon post
American classic post
Action tec bb
action tec cranks
Ariel hubs
brew brakes
bullseye cranks
buffalo composites post
boone helix bb
clb brakes
Cooks brothers cranks
Cooks brothers VGS stem
Curve pedals
cat claw brakes
cinelli ti grammo
chris king headset
control tech stem
diacompe threadless headset
diacompe brs200 sl
Edco igp
fly sports propellers
flite saddle evolution2
fiber flyte spokes
Flite control cucamonga cranks
Gonzo mudslinger QR
grafton joystix
grafton street lights cranks
grove cranks
hershey naked hub and ti rear
Hershey cranks
hi e hubs
Hed CX carbon rims
IBS boralyn crank
ibis ti stem
ITM the stem
kore qrs
King ti cage
Kooka stem
kooka vader
LaCreme cranks
Lo Tec qr
m2 crank
morati crank
magic motorcycle cranks
mrc brakes
nuke proof carbon hubs
pulstar hubs
precision billet
real cassette
roval hubs
real hubs
rek tek ti cogs
ringle moby
ringle zooka
sweet stem
speed tec cranks
syncros revolution crank
syncros hinged stem
original speedplays
speedmetal bits
selle italia evo carbon ti
Shimano DA Ax brakes
selle san marco concor light Ka.
tnt cogs
topline cranks
ultimate post
ultimate hubs
world class bb
white industries bb
Zipp brake
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by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

What is scary is I had many of those parts. My one small contribution would be that I believe Kestrel made the first carbon fork. It had a 1" steel steer tube. I had one of those too.

I believe the Sampson titanium bottom bracket was the first and lighter than the Boone.

Also the cranks you mentioned were for ATB. The Grafton Speedstix was the road version. I had those too.

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by madcow

Thanks Juan, I'm of the belief that Time made the first carbon steerer tube fork, can anyone think of anything older.

I know what you mean about the parts, I had most of them myself. If only I didn't give away all my "spare" parts over the years...... :doh:

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by Willier

Who made first carbon wheelset?

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I have an action tech (i believe) ti BB sitting in a box...

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by Juanmoretime

I believe the first weight weenie saddle would have been "The Seat" by Coolgear. It was the first plastic saddle that had patches of leather glued to it with hollow rails that came out in the later seventies.

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by bikemesenger

I believe OMAS was the first titanium BB's as they were around in the 80's and maybe even the 70's.

Le Creme made a 280g titanium crankset.

I have a nos 60g front hub from the early nineties by Kinetic called the un-hub.

Sweet parts had a 170g steel quill stem that went along with there steel cranks.

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by Wester-Ross

The original Super Record bottom bracket employed a hollow titanium spindle back in 1975.

They did not have a great reputation though and Campy changed to a solid Ti version in 1983.

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by ironman1

I think the concor ka was first sold by SSM and them later sold as a Bontrager. I had full carbon bullhorn time trial barsin 89-90 that I believe were made by Buffaloe Comp. You have to add Modolo Kronos brakes ,light ,aero and worked great for uphill time trials.

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by nicrump

add Hi-E to you list of venders for hubs and nipples.

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by BeeBee30

Willier wrote:Who made first carbon wheelset?

Didnt Mavic make an early carbon rim? Think it was called a CX25?
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by Post Man Pat

what about the hurlet derailer that was around 120grams from the late , The amp suspension fork was ahead of its time as well when it came to weight

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by synchronicity

The klein stratum 90 is one of the oldest MTB carbon bars if I recall correctly.

Nuke proof also made some old carbon bars, and had one of the first carbon-shelled hubsets on the market.
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by Sprinter

Look did a carbon/alloy crank in the late 1980s (trialled by Hinault).

CLB brakes could be added to your list (first to have titanium caliper bolts and aluminium cables).

Araya TitaAce rims were advanced when they came out.

Araya also made the first low-profile carbon rim - the ADX240CF (18mm wide, 17mm deep and just 240g from the Japanese catalogue "Can use for road racing if course is smooth like circuit")

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by BikeTech

Jason, for part 2.

To my knowledge Bill Shook made the first carbon seatpost. Granted it is a prototype (I've seen it at his house) but if it's Production only stuff, then definitely Buffalo. Bill's post was modeled after his original Weyless design with a carbon tube and bonded in head piece. Another piece of useless trivia - the Buffalo posts used the American Classic clamp mechanism.

First full carbon road bar I would guess to be Schmolke?

First carbon cage may have been by Zipp.

I think CAADHEAD is correct about that Mavic carbon rim. Although I'm not sure if it was a cosmetic wrap only?

Part 4
Some stuff you could add to the list:
Derailleurs: Paul, Joes, Gorilla Billet... these are MTB derailleurs but do work on the road.
Brakes: CLB Space Line (first weight weenie brakes?), Modolo Kronos

First carbon spokes and nipples - Fibrelyte
First Magnesium Stem - The Stem by ITM

by Weenie

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