Shimano Shoe Fit Wide vs Standard

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by HXTi

Hey Guys,

I've searched everywhere and I can't seem to find any info about the wide version of the shimano sh-r215 shoe. I currently have the original r215 standard width shoe but feel I need a wider area at the ball of the foot to prevent some right foot pain in hotter weather. I've been to all the local LBS's but nobody has the "E" version in stock. My question is how much wider is the "E" version and where does the extra width take place.....the whole toe box or 1/3 of the way back etc. I read somebody mention it was 4mm but not sure if that is true. I assume the mid section and heel stay the same? Any experiences here?

I'm wondering if they use an actual wider carbon plate (preferrable since it'd give more support) or just add more width to the upper only (which sounds cheaper for a manufacturer). Has anybody tried both shoes, standard and wide, and found that the fit (length) was exactly the same minus the width? I may be forced to just order the shoe and since my 43.5's fit perfect minus the width I'd be inclined to order the same size in "E". Also I've heard the r215 blue fits exactly the same as the original r215 silvers that I have. The archives don't seem to suggest any real difference in fit or function between r215 and r215b besides color and maybe slight weight difference. True?

I did try the new r300 (standard fit) and people are correct that they run a little longer and narrower. I tried a 43 and not only did it look longer and thinner on inspection vs a 43 r215b (standard fit) it fit longer and narrower. So an r300 seems out of the question even for an "E" model. I'm wondering what they'll do to the r215 lineup for 2008 because if they continue to make all their models longer and thinner then I better grab this year's pair while I can. It's either this or try out some NW aerator racings (quality looks lower than shimanos) or wait for the new 2008 specialized s-works and see if they fit wide or not and see if the BG cant messes me up but then I hate the whole process of experimenting with new shoes (tried most of the other ones at the stores).

Custom is out of my price range unfortunately and shimano's have worked pretty well so far.


by Weenie

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by addicted

I have the 'E''s. I -think- they are wider all over, but not as exagerated as something like a Sidi Mega.
I'd say mailorder a pair from a place like excelsports or coloradocyclist (if you are in North America), maybe even in a couple of sizes, and return whatever doesn't fit.

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by Boonen

I have looked into this as well and was told the E models have the with of one size bigger then their length size. So e.g. a size 42E has the with of a stock 43. I believe it's from the mid section and forward and the heel is the same but I'm not 100% sure on that as it's a while ago I tried these. I was looking for the R300 shoes but I think this is the case for all their E shoes.
You could try contacting Shimano via their website, they seem to be fairly fast in answering questions like this.

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by HXTi

Thanks for the info guys. I think I better go try on some more shoes and then maybe just order the shimanos or maybe I'll wait and see if any new info develops leading up to interbike for 2008 stuff.

You could try contacting Shimano via their website, they seem to be fairly fast in answering questions like this.

For some reason shimano USA doesn't have an e-mail contact anymore. I can't find it anywhere on the website. I guess other countries still do. I find that strange. I was able to e-mail them several years ago and asked them about the "super fixed" cleat only Lance used on the Alpe du Huez uphill TT. They won't be made for the public. The red fixed spd-sl cleat still has a little bit of float they say vs the special one off they made for Lance.

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