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by Praha19300

Hoping to get up to the Genting Highlands next month for a family holiday & was wondering if any of the Singaporean or Malaysian crew on here could tell me much about the place re: cycling .

Never been to Malaysia will I get through the hotel lobby in lycra with a road bike over my shoulder. :lol: ?

I assume there is only one climb in & out of Genting?

Any decent bike shops in riding distance from Genting?

Any good trips organised from Singapore in February for TDL?

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by micky

Hey there, perhaps I'll go there too, but I dont going next month or next february?!?

By the way, me going november or january..

by Weenie

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by casper

I visited KL for business back in the winter the week before TDL. I had a blast. Each day we were done by 3pm and I was out on the bike riding till 7:30pm (it gets dark very fast there).

If you are out of KL then yes there is one main way to Ghenting. It is a bit of a ride from town and the streets can be confusing but once you are on the may hwy you shouldn't have a problem.

To get there you'll have to ride with some heavy traffic at first. Don;t worry they are actually good drivers and since they are not used to seeing a cyclist ride so fast they're very courtious. In fact I had drivers cheering me on as I rode by.

Once you get to the main road to genting there are plenty of places to stop. Be sure to check the trees out when the climb starts as it will be common place to see Monkeys and some very exotic birds.

I am not sure what gear ratio you're planning to run but I rolled a 39x25 and it was fine. Mind you I spend a lot of time in the alps, the last 13km of the climb has some steep sections.

They only bike shops that I saw carried mtn bikes. They were not that high end. Depending on your currency back home, the exchange wasn't that great for Euros or CDN dollars.

You shouldn't have a problem with the bike however I stayed at the Sheraton Imperial and was footing the bill for a conference so of course they didn't say anything :D

TDL is very, very popular in KL. While I was there it was in the papers everyday and then had ample TV coverage.

Word to the wise, if you are trying to get around -- use the monorail, very convinient much easier then trying to deal with traffic. China town is a fabulous place to sample the local cuisine. I took 15 engineers out for a night on the town, they drank, ate as much as they wanted and I still only spent $300 bucks in china town.

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by Praha19300

Thanks sounds good , I will be up there late September & plan to split my hotel stay between Genting & KL .

Next year we plan to get a group up there from Oz to watch a bit of the TDL especially since Tiger Airlines has started cheap flights from Perth & Asia X looks like starting flights from Oz to KL.

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by si1ver

I live 40 Km away from the Genting Sampah which is the starting point of the climb to Genting via old road .This route is the a popular route among cyclist and it takes 15km of good climb to reach to the foot of Genting and further 14 km or so more all the up . Some of us only goes as far as this point while climbing Genting isn’t exactly the in the every week ride menu as the climb is furious and it gets steeper as you go .Seeing the casino building right on top of the Hill way up in the cloud while climbing made it worst (Yes you can see the top of the hill building from most of the whole climb).It will not be good idea to cycle from Kuala Lumpur to Genting via High Way and the most common route for all cyclist to Genting would be via Genting Sampah . PM me if you need more details.

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