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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by HammerTime2

Any predictions who will win the 2006 TdF?

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by SirVelo

HammerTime2 - give the '06 Tour to the lawyers... they've worked the hardest.

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Neil D.
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by Neil D.

bcheung wrote:BMC can hardly be linked to the actions of the teams to whom they supply bikes.

Who makes a bicycle purchase based on whether or not a doping rider has been seen on the brand?

What I tried to say, is that it is unfortunate for them (BMC) to be linked to doped racers, specially in consecutive years on the TDF. And yes I guess the TDF does sell bikes, and other accessories, just check the various threads, such as Vino's glasses...


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by KB

HammerTime2 wrote:Any predictions who will win the 2006 TdF?
The lawyers.

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by bobbyOCR

The new Zeus stuff looks fantastic. The carbon variable radius bars feel very light (sub 200g) and the stem has some clever construction features, plus for a carbon stem, it feels light.
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by Cyco

Is Mayo wearing the world's longest set of shorts today?
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Roel W
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by Roel W

Pictures of it?

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by airsoft510

Its interesting to see Iban Mayo riding a 49cm frame, when he's 5'9 (1.76m) but hey, pro's size down on bikes. And also using a 110mm stem.


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by 2 wheels

airsoft510 wrote:Its interesting to see Iban Mayo riding a 49cm frame, when he's 5'9 (1.76m) but hey, pro's size down on bikes. And also using a 110mm stem.

And the weight is only 6.6 kg, 200 grams below the UCI weight limit.

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

When I was watching todays stage I thought his bike looked tiny.

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by CP

Small frame yes, but look at his seat height measurement under all of the thumbnails. He must have short legs

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arcspin wrote:
Skyleth wrote:Zeus = Orbea's house brand

Aha, thank you for that

The Zeus stuff is actually not bad. I have a seatpost on my Opal and it came in at 180 grams before I cut it (27.2/350mm). With a little love from a hacksaw, a Ti bolt, and some dremel work on the clamp its now at about 169grams. Not bad for a $100 post.

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by jersievers

vlokke wrote:Image

I know this was a post from a long time ago, but I just had to comment.

Seems that the rider was doing some hard breaking into the dog and got some back tire lift. started to tweak his bars to the right and the wheel took all of the impact vs the dog. I would bet the dog could have been in just the right place for the rider to, for the most part, endo over the top of him.
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by ericson

airsoft510 wrote:Its interesting to see Iban Mayo riding a 49cm frame, when he's 5'9 (1.76m) but hey, pro's size down on bikes. And also using a 110mm stem.


I was a bit surprise about the 49cm frame too, thats really small... For comparison, Simoni at 5'7 rides a 52cm addict. Just goes to show fit is complicated. Also does anyone else find his bar setup a little funny with the handlebar tilted way back in combination with a -17º stem? I am sure its comfortable for Mayo, just looks a little odd to me.

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by MattC

His bars aren't that tilted back, he's got it so he's got a flat bar/shifter transition, though I see what you mean about it looking a bit odd with that stem.

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