Eurobike/elsewhere - any hints re:oversized BB's in future

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by tommasini

Just wondering if anyone has picked up at Eurobike or elsewhere any hints about the potentail coming of oversized bottom bracket assemblies......which would create a new standard for frames (ala recently Pinarello and several years back the original ISIS designers ... id=1723692 )

I'm noticing some new carbon frames such as the Scott, Cervelo, and a few others with oversized BB shells - which right now are noted as being usefull for providng larger bonding surfaces.......but also maybe a tip off that they may already be preparing for oversized BB's as a standard (they'd only have to change the alu inserts for larger theaded cups or pressed bearings).

If this change occurs in the not so distant future I would imagine it would be the turning point that would open up Campagnolo to go away from square taper cranks/BB's too?! .....although, I was able to read bits of the recent French Velo test of BB/Cranks where the Campy Record square taper / carbon crank combo was pretty decent in results of total stiffness and stiffeness vs weight.

Shimano reps even said when their new pipe BB w/external bearings came out in 2003 that this is all they can do for BB's until the standard for frame configurations change - what I read into that is look for a change in frame design (at the BB shell) to allow for the next generation of BB's.

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by bobalou

I've been trying to find some online information about this but haven't yet .. But, it was reported in the recent Velonews that Pinarello is going to produce a new line of bikes using a new BB technology called MOST - "Movimento Oversized First". It will use a larger diameter 56mm shell which have oversized bearings pressed in, be both ISIS and campy square taper compatible. They say that the oversize design offers increased stiffness, higher bearing quality and longer life. Also unique, as reported in the article, is that aluminum inserts will allow it's use in standard english BB's, so it will be a flexible system also.

by Weenie

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