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by EddieChi

I don't really see many people talking about integrated bottom brackets and since I am going to be receiving my cu2 integrated soon, I'd like to make sure I get the lightest most durable bb available.

I submit the three that I have.
RaceFace evolve (for test purposes :)
Token MTB 68mm with 3 spacers
Token Road 68mm with SKF bearings (no spacers)

RF 114g (107g for cups)
Token MTB 99g (93g for cups)
Token R-SKF 91g (85g for cups)

The question I have is. Is there a difference between the road and mtb bb? other than the sleeve and maybe one or two spacers If you are not using the sleeve, wouldn't they be exactly the same?
From what I see in front of me, the only difference is, that the MTB cups have 1-2mm more threading than the road on the R cup and 2-3more on the left cup. Adding in the spacers and the road cup still has enough room to fit on my bb.
The integrated evolve crank went right through the road cup and seemed to fit snug.

So for those that are looking to replace your deus or xtr with a lightweight alternative with very smooth bearings (SKF) I would check out the token. I may stick with this one folks :)

by Weenie

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by ZeCanon

Keep us updated on the life of the token BB.

I think it was just luck of the draw, but I've had 2 RF external bb's go on me in less than one season. My XT external is still going strong though... but if I could find a lighter BB that could hold up to mtb use the I'd be very happy.

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by theremery

my token isis bearings lasted 6 hours....I was a bit pissed off (it was the kcnc Scandium one marketted via the token brand)....but since a rebuild with real token cups (that actually have secondary seals) it's been good.
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