Giant TCR 100 $45,000 ?!?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bobalou

Samu Ilonen wrote:
bobalou wrote:
Light? Yes, but, for tubulars it's average weight. AND, for the price (BORA's in U.S., about $2700.00), it's not hard to find or build tubulars 2-300g lighter for about half that price, or certainly, allot cheaper! Don't know if that's true in EU, you tell me.

Yes, IF you use crap parts like American Classic's and don't care about aerodynamics.

But I have lost my nervers for hippie parts that are made in paper they look light and cheap but in rear wold they suck hard. Hubs that lost their bearings in half summer, rims that hasn's weldet etc.

Buying Record etc. you can't go wrong and you will get lest desent life span. In EU new Bora's cost ~2000€. Not cheap but good wheels for years.

For comparison I had Zipp 360 rims/Am.C hubs/X-ray spokes last summer. They where 1283g/900€ with good deal. Both hubs blowed in a month (also in another clicher pair) and Zipp rims had bad stability problem, one place in rim for every rim was much heavier so spinning was not perfect. What a sh_t!

My friend races on first type Hyperons. Always working and no faillures. Even on hard races that includes sand roads. Thats quality.

But If you hang your bike only in wall then you can drill your SLR, use AMC hub/Nisi Gold rims/120g tubulars etc. But ride more....

I respect your point of view .. and I have nothing against BORA's, fine, fine wheels from what I know. But for my money, I'm getting Reynolds (I hate AC wheels, BTW) or Corima's, the BORA's are very pricey (my original point) and not as light. There's many other choices that are lower in price, lower in weight, just as good quality (or better) and chances are, if something DID go wrong with them, you could actually get some warrenty service for them. :shock: Hey, I love campy and have campy groupset on my best bike but it's known their warrenty service is awful or nonexistant. Surprised you had such problems with Zipps, we have four sets in my club, never a single problem with hubs or rims and they're used for crits every weekend.

But, I'll defer to an earlier WW thread on the subject .. happy racing. ... on+tubular

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