Factor o2 VAM or Ostro VAM ?

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Factor o2 VAM or Factor Ostro VAM?

Factor o2 VAM
Factor Ostro VAM
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by matrix

Just as the title suggests ... I'm looking at another bike build and as more time passes, I have a harder time choosing between the two. Originally I thought I was gonna be set on the o2 , until I realized how much prettier the shape of the Ostro is. The o2 would be my very first ever featherweight climbing specific bike, whereas the Ostro has all the complicated aero shapes that catches my attention.

Before this, I thought about upgrading to the new Dogma F, but not without first getting rid of the F12. Unfortunately, it's no longer a seller's market (damn brokie FB low ballers) and performance wise it doesn't justify the additional cost incurred.

I will say that my style of riding is a "puncheur/sprinter" type. I'm a pretty light rider. Love going fast up steep pitches here in CA, but also not shy to challenge a sprint finish. Catch me in the Alviso videos sometime!

Here's some of the bikes I've owned. Maybe I'll sell one off from my current fleet. Who knows.
Anyways, I'll figure out a way to add them to my banner later as I'm not quite active on here.
-Pinarello F12 rb (current fleet)
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-Pinarello F10 rb (destroyed by car accident)
-Sworks Venge Vias RB (sold)

by Weenie

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by Mr.Gib

I have extensive experience with both. The correct answer is Ostro. You can thank me later.

For frame and fork the weight difference between the two is about 250 grams. Add about another 100 grams to that if you put superlight bars, stem and seatpost on the O2.

The biggest difference between the two as far as ride experience is concerned is that the Ostro is stiffer, more comfortable, faster, better cornering, more stable, and the bottom bracket stays in place without gluing it in. But that's about it. :wink:
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by cyclespeed

Unless you really want to build a specific climbing only bike, then for me it's a no brainer - Ostro.

I am a hard core weight weenie, but even I can see that the 200 or so grams you save on the O2 is simply not worth all the other things you lose.

I love climbing and most of my rides are what I Call '1%' rides, i.e. 50km for 500m up, or 100km for 1000km up, because Mallorca has mountains. But the mountains are connected by flat or less than 3% sections and here the Ostro shines at 35kmh+.

As far as I can tell it out aeros all the bikes around me (mixture of 40+ mostly aero bikes).

So it's stiff, fast, light, comfortable, handles well and is very aero. Why would you buy the O2?

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by mrlobber

I have an O2 VAM Disc. Among the other bikes I ride, it's one of the nicest, and plenty confortable for me even with Gelu full carbon combo to sit on :D I ordered it right around the time Factor announced the Ostro, and at that time, with the Ostro P-R fork disaster coming a few months later, I was glad I didn't go for the Ostro.

There is a single highly specific reason related to how I got the bike from Factor, why I likely will not part ways with the O2 for a long time, however, if I had to choose a new bike right now, this would likely also be the Ostro.
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by kode54

Like others here, clear winner is Ostro. I moved most of my parts from the O2VAM and never looked back. Didn’t notice the 200+ additional weight.
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