SIS Drink mix shelf life when mixed

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by robbosmans

Anyone know how long I can keep a bidon in the fridge. The packaging says 24h but that seems quite short.

by Weenie

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Most if not all are like that.
They arent nice after 24hrs anyway.
Just tip it, and make it when ready to use.
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by renoracing

I'll concur... Something happens with them that they become almost unpalateable after a few hours, especially the carb heavy mixes, and even moreso at room temp...

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by ParisCarbon

First Endurance is the same.. if you don't drink the same day its like its starting to ferment by the next day...

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by ghostinthemachine

24hours is pretty much a hard limit for me.
Much after that and you're running a serious risk of blowing everything you've eaten for 3 days out of your backside...

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