Dream build Sworks Aethos (Now 5.98kg)

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by Bianchi10

mike wrote:
Fri Dec 23, 2022 5:57 pm
are the exustar pedals good? why not look carbon ceramic tis or wahoos/speedplay
The Exustar Ti PK200 pedals are roughly 80g lighter than the Look ceramic for the pair. My Exustar pedals come in at 183g for the set. I've recently thought about trying Speedplay, but not in any sort of hurry. Been using Exustar PK200 TI pedals for nearly 9 years without issues. These pedals have been pretty good, however I've noticed my last set started to get some lateral play in the spindle to the pedal. I was able to service the pedal and add more grease into the pedal body and that seemed to help for now. Otherwise, they have been absolutely solid.

by Weenie

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