ChooChoo bike 3 of 4: 2021 Trek Emonda SLR RSL H1 rim / 5.65kg

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by choochoo46

Here's the bike I built in August 2021. Waited 4 months to get the frame. Trek is one of the few mfrs that still have a rim brake frame for sale. I decided to go for a climbing bike as my Fuji is more of an aero bike.

While I"m sure it's related to the joy of having a new bike, it's been a blast after 3 rides (100 miles total). Of course, it accelerates on a dime. Not surprisingly, its the one most noticeable feature vs. my 7.51kg Fuji Transonic 2.5. And it's actually more comfortable than my Fuji as it transmits less hardness through the handlebars and saddle. But I still feel the road and find it handles great through the turns and descending. Direct mount brakes are excellent and powerful when you need them to be.

When sprinting I notice i have to be more careful not to pick the front wheel off the ground as it's so light. Also, the bike is much more responsive to even small inputs, so I have to be full focused when riding this bike.

As one data point, one of my fast descents (0.96 mile, 7.2% grade) I clocked 1:29 (max 51.9mph) vs. 1:27 (max 52.8mph) on the Fuji. And the 1:27 was with a 13mph tailwind vs. the 1:29 with a 5mph headwind. So pretty much a wash. I was worried that the Emonda would be slower downhill because the frame is not as aero. But the 23mm tires, pretty deep rims and good body position seem to give good results.

I used 15mm of spacers to match the fit of my Fuji Transonic. Am going to gradually remove them to see if I can hold that position. The first 5mm should be easy... :). In this picture I haven't yet gotten the Look Keo Blade pedals.. still have the Ultegra ones.
And some more pics of the frame: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=161653&p=1696250&hi ... a#p1696250

2021 Emonda SLR RSL H1, 52cm frame 718g (with hanger and guide cables) -- was advertised to be 680g...
Emonda SLR carbon, steerer tube 28.6mm OD 274g (cut)
Kogel BB90 ceramic bearing set 47g
Cane Creek EE brakes, direct mount 154g
Prime Carbon brake pads 25g
SRAM Red 22 shifters 287g
Jagwire Elite Link brake cables & SRAM Red 22 shifter cables, 150g (est, didn't measure after cutting)
SRAM Red 22 cassette 11-30 184g
Shimano Ultegra HG701 11-speed chain 244g (cut)
SRAM Red 50/34 crankset, 165mm, 24mm spindle. GPX 566g
SRAM Red 22 front derailleur 76g
SRAM Red 22 medium cage rear derailler 165g

Fasterway integrated handlebar, 90cm x 38cm, 125 drop, 80 reach, 6 deg 307g
SRAM handlebare tape 48g (uncut)
Fasterway computer mount, alloy 35g
Cane Creek ALR II IS-41/28.6 & Trek headset bearing 46g
Cane Creek ALR II , 10mm & 5mm spacers 6g
AliExpress expander and top cap 16

Look Keo Blade, carbon pedals 233g
Qilefu Carbon saddle, 275mm x 125mm 91g
Trek Carbon Seat Mast Cap 135mm x 5mm setback 139g
Tune Wasserträger 2.0 Carbon Bottle Cage X 2 35g
KCNC Grooving Titanium Road Skewers (blue) 36g
23mm Corsa Speed G+ 2.0 TLR x 2 451g
RoadUp valve stems, aluminum, 55mm, blue 18g
Muc Off, 35mm X 2 70g
EIE SRG45TC28 SL wheels 45mm x 28m x 21mm Extralite Hubs 1,212
grease 30g (estimate)

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by Weenie

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by choochoo46

I'm going to try to get it under 5.5kg and am thinking of the following as a good start...

-- titanium spindles for the pedals: 25g or more saved
-- lighter Fasterway handlebar: 25g or more
-- Jagwire link cables for the shifters. 10g???
-- lighter bar tape and bar ends: 10g?
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by Eggyeggs

Even lighter bottle cages. I've seen a few carbon ones from the far east go for 16g a pair.
Titanium screws for bottle cages (don't use titanium for anything critical for the bike to function)
Stelvio carbon garmin mount 15g (give or take). Other alpitude products also aim for max weightweenie (like their bottle cage at 9g each)
bontrager rsl vrc handlebar if you can get your hands on one is also a little lighter than your current fasterway, by about 25-40g

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by choochoo46

Thanks for those suggestions, Eggy. Good point abou the titanium screws. I could use them in the computer mount too. From what I can tell Fasterway only makes a single version of their computer mount for the model of bars I use (Blank Inc copies), but it deserves more research.

I'll also have to balance weight savings vs. expense and maybe meter my upgrades over the next year or so. I've heard that the bont RSL handlebars flex quite a bit. I do some racing / KOM hunting, so I'm mindful about something that will hold up in a sprint. :)

p.s. at some point I'd like to splurge and get a YBN SLA211 titanium chain, which could save anotehr 25g or so.

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by choochoo46

I just replaced my groupset with some used SRAM Red eTap components. Love that I can dial in my shifting and basically never have to touch it again. And don't have to worry about breaking a shifter cable, which happens about once a year... Of course I have to remember to charge my eTap batteries... now the bike weighs 5.78kg with new GP5000 S TR tires, 11-32T cassette, 35ml sealant, computer mount & rear Garmin radar hanger attached to the back of my saddle.

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