Comfy commuter saddle??

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by ohjinguh9

I'm a total roadie and only know minimally padded carbon saddles.
im on an aliante00 right now cuz i had it lying around and i can probably go 5-10min before it starts to bother me.

Does anyone have a saddle they use to tool around town comfortably? prefer not to deal w/ leather.

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by Marin

Brooks leather or rubber

by Weenie

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by citadelguard

I may be in a small camp here, but I don't find larger, more heavily padded saddles more comfortable than a slimmed down racing saddle. In fact I find them significantly more painful to ride on. I spent a long time finding a saddle that was comfortable over long distances and for me that was the line of "body geometry" saddles from Specialized. They perfectly distribute the pressure from my weight to my sit bones and absolutely nowhere else. Initially this caused some discomfort and soreness localized to those areas, but over time I don't even feel the saddle now.
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by CampagYOLO

Will you be wearing padded shorts or not?

I use a Fabric Scoop Gel on my commuter bike which is pretty comfortable both with and without padded shorts.

If you'll always be wearing padded shorts I'd just stick with what you know for saddles if they already work for you.

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by SilverSteve

I recently purchased the 155mm width Elita One saddle from AliExpress for my "beer" bike. It's very comfy. 125 grams and $30!
Elita One saddle

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