Best decals for Giant TCR refinishing

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by Roark


I am planning to have my old 2014 TCR Advanced frameset refinished (i.e. strip the old paintjob, paint it again, apply decals and a new coating) but I wonder where I can get the best looking decals possible (I want it to look not like a silly repaint but like an actual new Giant frame). I have googled a bit but I would like to know if there is any consensus.

Any feedback is appreciated.


by Weenie

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by GiantRider

I see several vendors on EBay with decals for Giant. If you message them for alternative colors or designs some of them will work with you.

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by hannawald

I guess the painter should be able to make decals according to your wish. Big letters are usually painted, just very tiny ones are decals.

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by dudemanppl

It honestly might be cheaper just to sell your frame and buy a new one. The new paint schemes look quite good.

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by Lewn777

I've got an alloy TCR frame from a few years ago which I want to take back to raw and just spray on the older decals and then clearcocat, but get it done professionally. Not sure I would ever emabark on carbon frame or even another alloy one after having done one myself, getting a good finish seems like a job for the very patient obsessive, which is not me.

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by ManekiNico

Are you having your frame professionally refinished? If so, I suggest talking to your painter before buying decals. I didn’t and it turns out the decals I bought a) weren’t very good at all and b) weren’t compatible with the paints/clear coats. Painter ended up sourcing new decals (at my expense, natch). An expensive lesson learned!

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by chupster98

I have the original illustrator art files for that year model.

You can give the art to your painter to get decals cut.

Send me a PM & I’ll send you the file

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by Weenie

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