Where is the S-Works Tarmac Made

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by brusselsprouts

On three of my last Specializeds there have been a Made In Taiwan sticker below the BB.

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by Weenie

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by sychen

I love how ridiculous some people get with what is made somewhere with such prejudice. Made somewhere isn't a indicator of quality or attention to detail.

Misaligned Italian frames.
Bottle cage bolts holes drilled in the wrong place on well known American frame builder.
Paint issues on all sort of brands I've seen.

Don't get me wrong.. There are better and worse of any manufacturers and trends from countries or regions.. But tarnishing them all with one brush...?

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by Lewn777

As has been previously stated, don't worry about where a is bike is made. Worry about the QC and the warranty.

I have a source in the industry that says Specialized bikes are made by Xinkai, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. However this can never be definative, things change very quickly in the cycle industry, different parts can be made in different places, different carbon layup types and different materials can be made by different people in different places. You can also paint and/or paint and assemble bikes in different places.

It could be that all the frames are made in China, and the 'S-Works' stuff is sent to Taiwan for paint and assembly so can be legally labelled 'Made in Taiwan' or not.

I doubt anything is made in Taiwan but labelled 'Made in China' for political reasons if you can still use 'Made in Hong Kong' or 'Made in Macau'. Surely they'd get around it by calling it 'Made in Chinese Taipei' or something else.

Carbon bike manufacture is labor and emissions heavy, it's likely that mass production end up in China. Although with increasing manufacture costs in China and tariffs, big players like Giant are looking towards Eastern Europe manufacturing at least to supply the European market.

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