Lightweight meilenstein spoke damage

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by elfuinha

Still no answer form Lightweight...

I think they too busy with Eurobike... Bad timming!!! 😔

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by desperado95219

I am in California and had a relatively new LBS mechanic damage a rear wheel spoke about 6 months after I got my new Lightweight wheels in 2008. He shifted the chain off the big cog into the spokes (almost immediately after I told him he would need to set the stop so be very careful) and one spoke was only attached by fibers although the wheel was still true. (It is doubtful it would have survived shipping anywhere). The LBS contacted Craig Calfee in Santa Cruz, drove it to his shop and he repaired it perfectly. Got it back in about a week. You would not know that it was repaired unless I showed you where. I don't know what he charged. The shop picked up the cost. Craig still does carbon fibre repair (in addition to still making his own frames), although I am sure it is generally just frames.

by Weenie

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by elfuinha

4 months and 736km... 200€ later...

Same spoke... The repair didn't hold...

Lightweight gives a 1 year warranty for the repair...
But I don't know what to do.

Asked price to repair in other place... 490 to 590€...

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by elfuinha

Repaired once again by Lightweight CarbonSports... Looks very good

On the way...

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by kgt

What did they charge for the second repair?

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