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by Grobar

Hi guys,
I am using Shimano pedals with 2° float cleats on my road bike because more float is giving me knee pains.
Now, I bought a pair of Shimano M9100 mtb pedals for my commuter/gravel bike but my knees can't get used to the enormous float of the original cleats! Does anybody know if there are shimano mtb cleats with less float ? Or I should go back to road pedals on my gravel ?
Thank you :)

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by ms6073

  • Do you have the black or gold Shimano cleats?
    52mm axle length?
    Have you tried increasing the release tension?
If you have gold cleats, these are multi-release, whereas the black are single release, releasing only when the heel is moved outward, and while the Shimano SH-51 black cleats feature four degrees of float, increasing the release tension can reduce this a bit. If you really want to isolate the float, you might consider Speedplay Syzr, which can be fine tuned to zero degrees of float.
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by Weenie

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by TheKaiser

In addition to the Szyr suggation in the first reply, there are a few others to consider. Several other brands of MTB/Gravel pedals offer different cleat options to vary the float.

HT offers 4 or 8 degree, and I have heard that as you tighten the tension it seems to restrict float more than tightening tension on Shimano:

Crank Brothers goes all the way down to 0 degree, althought they tend to wear more quickly as they're made of brass: ... ease-angle

The Szyr is really the best option of you want to get as close as possible to "road pedal" feel though. Not only do they allow you to infinitly fine tune the amount of float, they also have metal on metal wings on either side so they aren't reliant on the rubber shoe lug/pedal surface contact to provide left/right rocking stability. You didn't mention how precise a fit your shoe lugs and pedals are, but it's possible that some of the excess float that's causing you problems is not just rotational but also left/right rocking instability, and that only tends to get worse as your shoes wear. In their defense, Crank Brothers does actually provide some little plastic bits that let you adjust the shoe/pedal interface in 1mm increments, if memory serves, so they'd probably be your best second bet.

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by jfranci3

Speedplay frogs too. They're like they Szyr but without all the nonsense and the suprise releases. Just buy two sets up front, as they need some TLC every now and then. :-)

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