Fulcrum racing zero / Campagnolo Shamal Ultra longevity

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by antisthenes

Hello, everyone.
I would like to have some opinions, please, about the durability and longevity of Fulcrum racing zero or Campagnolo Shamal Ultra (since it's the same hubs and spokes). I'm hesitating between Racing zero disk and Racing 3 disk. Are the aluminium spokes more fragile than steel ones? Have the USB hubs more issues than the steel bearings of Racing 3?
Thank you very much for your answers.

by Weenie

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by AJS914

Campy hubs in general should last forever - longer than the rims.

I have Eurus wheels. They have been good problem free wheels with many thousands of miles on them. I finally had to replace a spoke - $25 for one spoke! Pain in the a**! Honestly, if I were going to buy a similar wheelset I'd get the Zondas with the stainless spokes. The price is around half.

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No problem whatsoever. 2009 Shamal Ultra, 2011 Fulcrum Racing Zero Limited, Shamal Mille, combined KM around 60k according to Strava amongst them. Never needed spokes, bearings, axle all fine.. only once or twice adjusted the preload cap.and many sets of brake pads of the campy black and blue pads.

Ps: purchased 2 sets of spokes kit for around 40usd for a box of 5 each. Just in case, but never needed them. shamal and eurus are the same spokes, you can find spokes for eurus on ebay sometimes dirt cheap

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