Non-Campy Crankset/Chainrings with Campy 12 Speed

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by maxwelllarson

Long story short - I am building up a S-works SL6 UL, trying to go a bit ww, but not crazy ww with this one. I was planning on a 1X12 drivetrain (THM SE crankset set up with a Wolf Tooth 50T Cyclocross Dropstop 1X12 compatable chainring), however after install, it became quickly apparent this will not work (chain drops on the stand).

Anyway - I am now going back to a 2X12 setup with this build. I would like to keep my THM SE (if possible), but am unsure if I will run into similar problems. I did read on here recently that RyanH sucessfully used some Praxis 10/11 sp rings on a THM SRM with Record 12 - so I am hopefull. Has anyone else used a non-campy crank and rings with 12 sp and had similar sucess?


by Weenie

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by bruno2000

I have used a Rotor 3d+ and Rotor 3d InPower with 12speed Campagnolo EPS and mechanical groupsets with so-called 11speed Rotor Q-rings without any issue.

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by MayhemSWE

Bumping this thread as I am wondering the same thing. A year later, anyone now have additional experience with Campagnolo 12 and third-party chainrings?

Looking to build up a bike with Chorus 12 and want a crank-based power meter, but all the options that takes Campagnolo original chainrings are stupid expensive. As I already have a spare set of Quarq Prime crank arms I'd really like to find a set of rings that can be paired with a DZero or DFour spider…

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by joeyb1000

See page 9 of the new campy stuff thread

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