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by thoreau

Hey WW,

My name is Juan. Long time member and sadly (maybe not) first time poster. I've followed and admired quite a few of the builds that have gone up here and when a recent opportunity came to purchase RyanH's old T1 frameset, i couldn't help but jump on it. I truly like hand me down bicycles. I like knowing that it had a previous owner that took it on adventures. I also like the fact that i am giving something a new lease on life - that and lived in Berkeley for so long that the hippy gene is ingrained in my blood. It's far out man, *old* bicycles have their own aura and energy and stories to tell.

A little about me. I run a Michelin rated restaurant group in Northern California for a living which means that i have very little time to ride let alone train. Im currently a CAT4 with a decent W/Kg despite spending most if not all my time with Chefs and Sommeliers. Cry me a river, i know.

My daily, as the nomenclature goes, is a Cervelo R5 which is a pretty WW bike in and of itself. Living in NorCal presents me with many a mountains to climb and as ive found throughout the years, those tend to be safer than riding around in the streets. Maybe i should start a thread but its really nothing special and to this day is mostly the stock form that it came in.

Onto the current bike. The initial problem i had was that RyanH had done such a good job that i really didn't know what direction i was going to take with this build. We had joked around that i should continue to post under his old thread to keep the #foreverbike thing going. Then i had a brilliant idea with the theme of building a WW.com bike. I started scouring the classifieds for parts to use on this bike.

Figured it would be nice for the nice folk at WW to see their hand me downs put to good use and so long as my "purveyors" agree, i will continue to list the kind individuals who helped with the build.


Model: T1SL

Final weight: TBD

from RyanH
Frame: LiteSpeed T1SL 998 Grams
Fork: Enve 2.0 314 Grams
Hanger: Litespeed 10 Grams
Headset: Extralite 70 Grams
Seatpost Clamp: Tune 11 Grams
Seatpost: MCFK Seatpost 115 Grams
Crankset: Quarq DZero with MKV Rings 657 Grams

from KarlC
Brakes: EE Brakes and Swisstop Black 190 Grams

recycled parts
Seat: Specialized Power 158 Grams
Stem: HED Touring 128 Grams
Bar: Deda SuperZero 40cm 229 Grams
Bartape: Lizardskin DSP 48 Grams
Cage: No Name Anodized Ti 14 Grams
Brake Cables: Jagwire Elite 72 Grams
Shifters: SRAM Etap 261 Grams
Front derailleur: SRAM Etap 187
Rear derailleur SRAP Etap 243
Bottom Bracket: SRAM PF30 81 Grams
Chain: KMC SL: 244 Grams
Cassette: Sram 11-28 178 Grams
Pedals: Look Keo Max: 228 Grams

Things to replace ASAP
Wheels: HED Jet 4 Black Clincher - 1634 Grams
Inntertubes: Conti Race Light 200 Grams
Tires: Vittoria Corsa Speed G 478 Grams

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by romanmoser

The prodigious son ' s coming back
Welcome back dear T1SL

Nice build full of potential as you said
I don't know if you really need if you're limited on your riding'time but maybe add a second watter bottle
It's bugging me :thumbup:

by Weenie

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by thoreau

romanmoser wrote:
Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:40 pm
The prodigious son ' s coming back
Welcome back dear T1SL

Nice build full of potential as you said
I don't know if you really need if you're limited on your riding'time but maybe add a second watter bottle
It's bugging me :thumbup:
I definitely will be adding another bottle cage. I've only had the bike built for a week or two and have yet to really put it on its paces aside from an ill advised cameo at a supported century where the bike (mostly the bike and in spite of the rider) did exceedingly well.

I ride mayyybe 4-5K miles annually so not a lot and not nothing but def not as much as i want to. I think the general idea of this bike is to replace parts as they come with stuff from the classifieds section. More fun that way and should keep me a little more engaged with the forum.

Having said that, help me with some WW wheels y'all and definitely some Ti bottle cage(S)

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by shuttlenote

I just want to know what restaurant lol!

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by LouisN

Beautiful bike !!!
Hope your other half is in the trade too ;) .
And please PM me your restaurant's details :) .
I worked as a chef for close to 20 years, never having time for anything but work (and gained 30 lbs).
Now I'm a culinary arts teacher, and have a little more spare time for other things in life :beerchug: .

Louis :)

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by jbaillie


Love the combination of bits, including the ones you've added yourself (HED parts may not be true WW, but they're high quality).

I'm also curious about your restaurants. My wife's family is split between East Bay and Sacramento. Spend the holidays out there frequently.

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by FIJIGabe

Yeah, the bike looks amazing. The wheels aren't WW, but they're quality. One place you can make an interim weight drop is with some latex inner tubes. I am running some Bontrager latex tubes, and they're <80g/each. It may just be 50g that you're losing, but every little bit counts!

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by Nozes

Fantastic looking bike, Litespeed was always on my dream list for a ti road bike.

I use titanium bottle cages on 2 of my bikes, and love them. Never lost a bottle.
I have 2 versions, the oldest is 23 grams and the most recent, with thicker tubing is 28 grams.


The first one I bought was from Wiggle, but now there are many sellers for the same cage on ebay or Aliexpress.

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by NiFTY

Nice build. The only thing i wouldchange is the bottle cage(s). And removing the sticker from the stem. Otherwise very nice, ride in good health.
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by thoreau

It's been a while since i've been on this forum and have looked at this thread. I was going to write a follow up but a lot has happened since the time i picked up this bike. Tore my ACL and MCL during a sporting event and have been in recovery for the past 7 months. Only recently have i started riding and im finding that my geometry has changed A LOT.

I'm unable to ride this beatiful bike as the position is way too aggressive. So there's that. Looking to find a new home for this little guy soon so someone else can continue what Ryan had started.

by Weenie

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:welcome: :thumbup:

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