Button/Flat Head Aluminum Bolts

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by RyanH

Since Toronto is still not up and running with alloy bolts, does anyone have a source for M5 button head aluminum bolts? I checked aliexpress and ebay and no luck.
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by youngs_modulus

I’ve had good luck with Pro Bolt.


They offer a wide variety of fasteners in both aluminum and titanium, and the quality of what I’ve received is top-notch.

I’ve ordered from Toronto a number of times and never had a problem. But the Toronto web site is an unholy mess, and they have weird hiccups like the current lack of aluminum bolts. There are probably good explanations for these hiccups, but they’re not communicated well. Basically, I worry about their attention to detail. There are a bunch of different alloys available for aluminum bolts, and you really want 7075. I don’t think Toronto would intentionally substitute a 2024 bolt for a 7075 one, but I get the sense that Toronto depends on suppliers who are themselves not very detail-focused.

Or maybe the guy who runs Toronto is terrible at web design but great at QC. At any rate, Pro Bolt is my go-to for aluminum and titanium fasteners now.

by Weenie

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