PRS 22.2 sometimes annoying with Road Bikes

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by CraigKnobovitch

So I've had my Park Tools PRS 22.2 for almost a year now and have used it for 3 different bikes, a CAAD 10, Slice, and an Orca OMR. The only issue I've been finding with it is the bottom bracket rest can be cumbersome, depending on how your cables rout, sometimes they can get in the way of the two resting points and leaving everything off center and balance. I was wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks or mods they've done with these stands to make them better.

Here's the part in question

by Weenie

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by ms6073

I was having a similar issue with Feedback Sports stand and a gravel frame with dropped/assymetric stays. Feedback suggested to reposition the fork block further aft so the downtube rests on the back-angled side of the bottom bracket rest.
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by dgasmd

I personally just fold a small towel under it regardless, so it eliminates that problem

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by MikeD

And some bikes have the rear brake under the chainstays. I'm sort of sorry I bought my Feedback Sports Sprint stand. Having to take the front or rear wheel off is a pain as well.

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