What's the 3 best cycling accesories that you have ever bought?

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by dim

for me, the 1st has to be my Garmin Edge 1000 .... I get lost in my own village and have no sense of direction. This has allowed me (in conjuction to Ride With GPS), to ride on routes that I would have never even considered .... No stress, as I know that I will there and also get home. I've also started using the virtual partner where you download someone else's best ride on a segment and then race them when the wind is in your favour ....

2nd has to be my Garmin Varia Radar unit ..... I still have the 1st version (will get the latest soon), and this unit has taken a lot of stress away .... brilliant! .... it's like having a second pair of eyes on the back .... it connects to my Garmin, and when a car approaches from the rear, I get a beep on my Garmin and I can see a dot on the bottom of the garmin (when the dot at is at the bottom, I know that the car is approx 200 yards away) .... as the car approaches , the dot moves up on the screen and when the dot is on the top of the screen, the car is alongside me .... if there are many cars, your screen shows multiple dots (one per car) .... thats the best way that I can describe it. I don't see may people with these, but trust me, get one, you won't be dissapointed .... I get 6 hrs+ battery life on a ride, and it also acts as a back light.

3rd has to be Strava ... this has made me a more competitive cyclist and I'm into my numbers etc .... I have Strava Stix app installed and I have my own Microsoft Access database that I programmed to record all the stats including wind speed and direction etc. I'm so obsessed, that I check my performance on many segemts daily, to see how I performed against other cyclists on the same day with the same wind.

(I also recently started using a powermeter but am still trying to learn how to use it to full effect), but those are my best 3 accesorries so far
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by dgasmd

1. Lightweight wheels
2. Bike
3. Shimano shoes that fit well and are light

by Weenie

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by TheKaptone

1.My new specialized Propero3 helmet, after breaking my old helmet this new one has s little fall detection unit at the back which alerts if I come off. My wife loves it and feels happier if when I'm out riding

2. My sealskinz shoe covers, they are waterproof and warm but have little led lights in the hell which give extra lighting for night riding

3. Kurt Kinetic indoor trainer, it's s rock and roll version which had helped with better balance on the road. I do one or two of the GCN training session per week on it and I love it

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by TheRich

1. Good shorts

2. Carbon wheels

3. Power meter

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by Kayrehn

Wheels aren't accessories right? Image

If we are just purely talking about accessories, my top 3 will be

1. Rec-Mount - huge range of mounts to match any cockpit you have. My Zipp SL Sprint stem+Zipp SL-70 bars can't use much else and I'm thankful they got something that'll work with this pairing.

2. Raceware mount for the climbing bike - lightest one out there yet not flimsy at all.

3. Tune top cap. Nicest thing on my bike Image

Possible contender - Carbonworks Bottle cage. Awesome weight and it works well but very expensive and potentially fragile.

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by spdntrxi

1, Garmin Varia - so useful on the backroads where people like to canyon carve
2. Giro Prolight Techlace.. never a hot foot (so far)
3. ?
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by arthurf

1. SRM PC8 - nothing comes close to it for training with power and it’s just the best looking and finished computer I’ve owned or seen. GPS is terrible though.

2. Assos Sturmprinz - best rain jacket I’ve owned and the closest to being waterproof and breathable

3. Spatz overshoes - quite simply, nothing comes close for riding in cold and damp conditions. I still have warm feet after 3hrs in freezing, wet conditions

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by jlok

Knog Oi Bell
K-edge Garmin Mount Combo XL
Knog Mob Rear safety light

All three survived many years of abuse and gone through more than 3 bikes.
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by mcfarton

1 kickr trainer, this has helped increase my power numbers a lot. Winter can be long in Maryland and with little kids my ride schedule can be sparse. My trainer is always available

2 Nice bibs, these are a personal choice but they matter

3 LASIK, this will be my first full season without prescription glasses. Being able to use cycling glasses or none at all is fantastic.

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by yinya

1. Custom shoes
2. Great bibs
3. Smart trainer

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by bikeboy1tr

1) Pedals/Cleats/Shoes
2) SMP Saddle
3) Power Meter
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by C36

1) contact lenses... it just totally changes everything: quality of the correction, distance perception...

2) goretex clothing, the first time you use it, seems magical

3) Oakley M-frame. Never ever found another glasses as confortable and staying so well in place. Talk about the single piece ones, not the ones with hinges

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by scapie

1. SeeSense Icon2 rear tail light.
2. Bose SoundSport wireless headphones.
3. Acre Supply 10L Hauser Backpack

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by lenyang

1. Wahoo Elemnt bolt
2. Rapha essential case
3. Ass saver

by Weenie

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by Catagory6

Kreitler Challenger rollers - improved my bike riding beyond words! and like nothing else, no matter what
a real pair of cycling specific sunglasses - sunburned eyeballs in montana are not fun, and neither is the breeze created by regular sunglasses
cycling specific socks - regular cotton socks do not work

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