Help - Focus Cayo Rear Brake Housing question

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by knightskid

octave wrote:
Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:29 pm
knightskid wrote:Yup there is. The fitting is just nice for brake housing. Without the clip, will feel loose and cause rattling when bike going through rough road.

have you tried to remove the clips since having them installed? that is my concern: how to get them back out because they are very tight!

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The clip on the headtube is a little loose while the other side is very tight which i didn't remove as i thought it is glued onto the frame.

When i first got my frame, i do thought that internal should be just cable, so i cut the brake housing and put in an end-cap for the headtube, then i slot in the cable and out from the other side with another end-cap for brake housing to the brake caliper. While trying to pull the cable tight, the clip on headtube went into the frame, tried multiple times, still the same problem. Look at the other side, the clip was tight, so i thought it should be glued. End up i just bring to local bike shop and have them do it since i don't have any glue that can do the job, when i got my bike back, the brake housing is going through internally and out till the brake caliper.

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by octave

officially installed both clips without modifying them in any way. i first ran the housing, full length, through the toptube. then i pressed in the headtube clip first-- it went in pretty easily. finally i pressed in the clip where the housing exits -- this took a fair bit of force but i managed it by using the head of a 3mm allen key. i just set the allen key against the lip of the clip and applied steady pressure... my fears of being unable to remove the housing because of how tightly the clips grip were unfounded. with steady force i can still slide the housing in and out.


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by Weenie

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