Deda Zero100 handlebar vs Deda Superleggera shape...

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by 3Pio

crn wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:59 pm
3Pio wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:45 pm
crn wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:36 pm
]This is how it looks.


Aha.. So u still used the internal routing channel, but separate routes for shifter and brakes.. BTW, looks very nice and we have same bikes :) and same colour... Another thing that i like at ur setup is ur Garmin mount.. What kind of mount is this?

And since i can see u use Superleggero Stem which i also ordered.. What torque specs u use for bolts on the bar part? And what on fork stereer part?
It's Fetha mount ... nium-mount
I'm using carbon paste on bars and stem and tight no more then 5N-m. Never had any problems
Thanks a lot...

p.s. Sada vidim da si iz Hrvatske :) Vozio sam tamo Ucka, prelepo :) Voleo bih voziti deo Sibenika, ne znam iz kog dela Hrvatske si ti :) Mozemo i u PVT :)

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by Marin


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by 3Pio

Now i have both handlebars (Deda Zero100 on one bike, and Superleggera on other).

Similar shape, but Superleggera Drops are 1 cm longer then DedaZero100.. Another difference is tops curvature which is better on Deda Superleggera (better for sprinting, and provide a bit more position option on climbs...)

But still DedaZero100 seem to be perfect match with Campy shifters.. Actual weight difference between those two bars are 48 gm, and DedaZero100 seem to be stiffer (even Superleggera is stiff enough for me). About comfort i'll have to test DedaZero100 on longer rides to check that...And i bit regret tha ti did not get the DEDA RHM from start, which will save me money and time trying to find perfect bar for me and Campy...

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