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by Stewche


I currently have a dumb trainer that I use with trainer road that I connect to via Garmin Vectors. I find this set up fine but I'm bored of changing my tyre when I want to ride outside I also want something that enables me to use ERG mode so I can do my workouts without worrying about holding power.

I've come to the conclusion that I want a direct drive turbo. I have one bike with 11speed campag chorus (kmc chain) most of the turbos I've looked at require additional freewheels for Campagnolo cassettes however I have read that I could just use Shimano 11 speed cassette and it would work fine? Presumably as I'd be using ERG Mode it wouldnt matter if the shifting was a little off?

Planned on spending around £500 but seems like the Neo and Kikr are most recommended on here. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :thumbup:

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by PokojniToza

I think the interactive ones (be it Elite, Tacx or Wahoo) are aboe your price limit. Maybe a second hand one?
You can run a Shimano casette, but with slight shifting problems (as experienced by a couple of people I know)

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

The Elite Direto is the budget trainer I’d recommend if you can’t afford a Tacx Neo or Elite Drivo. Since you already have a power meter you don’t need to go balls out on the highest end trainer... max stats like 25% grades and 2300W resistance just equate to marketing one-upmanship.

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by robertbb

Honestly, ERG mode is a overrated. GPLama has a good vid on this.

I have an Elite Turbo Muin 2, dumb direct drive fluid trainer, which I use with Assiomas. The Campy cassette bodies for the Muin are easy and cheap to get. I switch one of my bikes between the muin and the road and shifts (also Chorus) are crisp on both no matter how many times I switch. Never even had to touch the barrel adjuster. 12-29 on the road and 12-25 on the trainer.

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by SloRacer

If the only problem is that you are bored of changing tyres, why not buy a cheap aluminum rear wheel, a trainer Tyre and one cassette?

Total should be under £100, spend the rest £400 on some better upgrades.

This is considering that you said that the trainer is fine, and you are just bored of changing the tyre . And ERG mode is overrated. It kills the experience of riding.

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by 1415chris

Ditto to ToninHatesYou's post. Just tad above your budget, but it would be hard to beat it.
Regarding the ERG mode, it is great for training sessions. For the ultimate riding experiance I take my bike and ride outdoors; )
And personally, being on DD trainer for couple of seasons, before that on traditonal turbo trainer, I would never recommend to anybody traditional turbo over DD.

by Weenie

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by mattr

I did the spare wheel/tyre/cassette for ~15 years. If the turbo is already good, do that instead.

(i broke my turbo, so upgraded to a flux, that broke, then another flux, that broke. Now on a Neo, that hasn't broken. Still use the spare wheel i'm on the rollers.

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