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by TheDoctor

On my (2018) regular Nitrogen the cable connects through a bolt on the arm, and is a doddle to adjust (as opposed to the original Nitrogen brakes with that hidden wedge thing). Didn't know they had changed the brake design so was a pleasant surprise. See pic below, the connection is similar but not exactly the same as on the TTV I think, so looks like a different design?


Not too sure about the shape of the TTV arms though. The front and rear brakes supplied with the frame set are slightly different, and the front brake arms are very very close to the frame downtube. Could be that the OIM brakes supplied by Argon18 are a custom shape to make them fit the frame. Should however be possible for a dealer to order the brakes like on my frame.
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by pulmark

^ Yep, the cable connection looks a bit different that I see in TTV brakes. Anyway it looks like the team editions of older Nitrogen Pro have exectly same kind of cable connection as newer versions of the regular Nitrogen. Video of Paul Voss Bora team bike from year 2016 displays the cable connection clearly:

by Weenie

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by Sock3t

Where are these frames made?

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by cveks

dastott wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 1:28 pm
A different bike but I really like the look of the Argon 18 bikes that Astana Pro Team ride.
Here is mine

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