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by marsbe

This could a simple yes/no but is there any talk of Wahoo opening up notifications from 3rd party apps such as Viber, Facebook Messenger etc? It would be very welcome.

by Weenie

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by pedale

Since they are not supporting all ant+ specifications (lights for example) you can dream of having a SDK for a non-touch screen unit. If you just want to be notified, this works well and depends on your phone

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by marsbe

Sorry I don't quite follow.

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by moonoi

It's nothing to do with whether they support all ant+ profiles or not, the notification system is over bluetooth and is entirely dependant on whether Wahoo decide to open it up to 3rd party apps. For a long time Withings/Nokia Health did the same, so you only got default notifcations for the built in SMS messaging and phone applications, recently they allowed 3rd party apps to send notifications to their devices also....all Wahoo has to do is the same.

I've missed a few calls as people have contacted me via a 3rd party messenging app (Line) instead of dialing my number, meaning I didn't get the notification on the unit, so can appreciate the desire for this functionality to be added.

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by rides4beer

AFAIK you can only get native text/email/phone notifications. Would be nice if I could get notifications from the apps that my team uses, so I just make sure to check my phone any time I stop.

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