Madone SLR ... the first 1000km

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

So much left to learn on this beauty... all of you beat me to it, but we share the same questions.

- Frame size?

- H1 or H2?

- Light?

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by TobinHatesYou

That’s definitely a 50cm and there’s no H1/H2 split with the new Madone SLR. There’s only H1.5 with -7 and -14 degree stem options.

When I looked at stem options for a 54cm Madone SLR, a -14deg 110mm stem resulted in a 1mm shorter reach, but also a 3-4mm lower stack than a -7deg 110mm stem on a 54cm H1 Emonda. Now if you’re using a -17deg stem on an H1 bike, you’re probably out of luck without sizing down.

by Weenie

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by RocketRacing

Fantastic looking bike, and photos. The clean integration and non all-black look is refreshing. I also think the seatpost light is a slick feature (that i had not noted before).

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