Planet-X CNC upgrade to Ciamillo Zero Gravity 0G-05 Ti - smart/stupid?

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by alcatraz

Hi wws

Tomorrow I have to make a choice. Upgrade or not.

The Ciamillo 0G-05 Ti will likely cost me 80-90usd which is pretty cheap for 161gr without pads.

I have three bikes. Climber, aero, tt. They aren't expensive, simply aimed at their purpose.

I'm on Planet-X CNC and wonder if the Ciamillos would be a good purchase or not.

Because it's a climber bike my weightweenie heart screams yes :lol:. Seems the weight saving could be around 20gr. 30gr if I swap pads to something lighter.

Cons. They don't work well with wide rims. Mine are 25mm and I hear they are basically incompatible. I'm not afraid to try and modify the pad holders, possibly replace them. Maybe I'll get a two-for by swapping pad holders, lighter + wide rim compatibility.

I need a set of calipers because the last frame I bought needs a set. I have two sets of Planet-x cnc brakes and thinking to try something lighter but not ridiculously expensive.

Hmm, what to do. I'm 65kg and I'm very pleased with the planet-x brakes. I'm not afraid to sacrifice 5% of braking performance. I've found plenty of bite the last few years by trying different pads.

by Weenie

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by AJS914

I had a pair of Zero Gravity brakes that came with a bike I bought used. They only lasted a few rides before I swapped them for some Campagnolo calipers. The Zero Gravitys were just mushy compared to what I was used to with Campagnolo.

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by glepore

I don't dislike zero g's but getting them to play with 25mm rims is difficult. The micro cam helps, but its an $80 upgrade.
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by Broady

For that price I'd give them a go, if only to get it out of your system, mine were a nightmare saying that.

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by themidge

I like my Ciamillos, although they are the later -G version, get them for the modulation rather than absolute power :wink:. Anyway, Planet X brakes aren't known for being that great either are they? For that price I think you should try them, and if you don't like them you might even be able to sell them for a profit :D.

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by alcatraz

Thank you very much.

ee/gravitas/thm are out of reach so remaining are Kcnc c7, zero gravity 05, planet x cnc.

I'd like to try a set of the kcnc c7 but I can't find any for sale.

Any of these three hits the sweet spot in price.

I've seen the review by fairwheelbikes and the kcnc had some questionable results. Pity none of the other brakes mentioned were in the test.

I'm pretty sure the stopping performance ranks these three in the same order as weight.

1. Planet-X heaviest + best stopping
2. Ciamilli Zero Gravity 0G-05 Ti medium weight + ok stopping
3. Kcnc C7 light weight + weakest stopping power

Sure the argument goes, a light rider can live with less stopping power but if they could have twice the stopping power of a heavier rider - why not? So it's a conflicting argument to say so.

by Weenie

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