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by nachetetm

bm0p700f wrote:Best groupset campagnolo record 10 speed of course.

For MTB sram eagle is very good and therefore the wireless version would be nice as it would get rid of all my horrid cables.
What makes Campy 10 better than the more modern ones? I saw a nice chorus 10 close by on sale and it is tempting me

by Weenie

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by erik$

10 speed Record for me as well. Best levers in my hands, good enough gearing range for me, low weight, rebuildable, and most importantly; the best looking.
I do dabble with other groupsets and the occasional franskenstein setup though, but if I could only have one, there is no doubt.

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by bm0p700f

As above. The new stuff is nice but 10 speed record (chorus and Daytona) just rock. Everything about them is just right. If you want wide range there's a 13-29t. Functionally no groupset has bettered it. Then again Shimano peaked for me with 7403/7410 parts for road bikes. There newer kit has only added more gears added less reliable bb's but not got better and changing cogs.

However kit has to move on. The current campagnolo 12 speed feels right. Shimano Duracell 9100 just feels like 105. So one had to wonder what the point in it is.

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by nachetetm

And between "early" and "late" 10 speed, is there any important difference or pretty much the same? My favorite are the all-alloy ones. Best looking groupsets in history, imho (9 speed look super cool too). I'll happily have a triple chainset with a 13-29 for the mountains here.

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