Lightweight mechanical brake cables?

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by RocketRacing

Hi folks, another classic weight weenie question: what are the lightest mechanical brake cable options (that do not involve aluminum links)?

I have seen lots of mention of allegator i-linc, jagwire “whatever” link... but i can’t help but think that would be annoying (think rub) where the cables come near the frame (rear brake cable) or going up into bars. So then you end up buying two kits and splicing them together based on where on the bike the cable is (or maybe i misunderstand). Marginal gain, max price, max annoyance.

So i am looking for a premium brake liner/cable that is also light... but not this link stuff.

Jagwire elite road sealed cables seem to be the ticket. I see ashima did some kevlar stuff in 2011. Kcnc seems to make a nice gold colored cable...

What is the hot stuff?? I am not willing to sacrafice performance (mission critical part), but i want light.

Thanks for opinion/insight. I am really getting into the truly marginal gains weight savings on my bike.

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by shimmeD

Less is more.

by Weenie

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by RocketRacing

shimmeD wrote:
Wed Nov 14, 2018 4:31 am
viewtopic.php?f=10&t=138771&p=1228931&h ... g#p1228931
might interest you
Thanks. I read about the tune housing, but was put off by the white part. I am shallow. Any color is good as long as it is black. I don’t want my brake cables grabbing visual attention.

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by sungod

powercordz cables, i've used them for years, much lighter than steel

link-based outer should not rub any more/less than normal outer, the potential is for rattle if metal beads touch the frame

with nokon it's supplied with some sleeving, just put a few cm on the areas where it might touch the frame, no rattle

for inside bars it is supplied with long flexi sections

i've used nokon for years as well, routed inside integrated bars, as long as you use some sleeving at contact points there's no rattle

to use powercordz wth nokon, use the powercordz liner, not the nokon liner

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by KCookie

I've just had the KCNC TI brake cables installed both weighed 12.5g, using jagwire outer. No problems so far, but unfortunately bloody expensive.

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by tommasini

I am very happy with this option from Aican - traditional looking housing but internally it uses longitudanal aluminum strands w/outer reinforcement to prevent bursting. Very light and after a year of use no degradation/issues. ... 0290.m3507

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by Pop

How about jagwire housing?
I've read about its good quality and easy mounting...
Which is its light.option for shifting/braking?

Jagwire elite link for brakes?
Jagwire Pro for shift?
I haven't seen any real weight about it...
(I couldn't use powercordz on my ciamillo gsl...:( )

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by Weenie

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